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  1. Hi Atanu,

    Have you been following US news lately? What do you feel of Obama? You have any take on health care debate?

    I see that liberals (Krugman etc) always bring up Europe in their posts/debate on health care. I find this amusing. I don’t know why it never occurs to these otherwise highly ‘intelligent’ people that Europe is different than US in two major respect. Population and Demography.

    To give some context, the combined population of top big nations in Europe viz: Germany,France and UK is about half of US.
    Also if you look at all these nanny states in Europe, you’d see that their population dynamics and social diversity is not even close to that of US. Which helps them implement schemes better (and even then they do a very poor job)

    I have seen, of late, people being infinitely smitten by every thing ‘europe’. Their ‘socialist democracy’, ‘free education’ etc.

    Since you’ve traveled a lot, can you write something about how you see USA in comparison to Europe in general.

    Just to set it right, I am not a US fan either; although I prefer it over Europe. I feel Europe is highly overrated for one and other thing, most of its countries are decaying. (UK for example is seeing mass exodus of its own people every year)



  2. This is one my favorite blog when It comes to discussions about India’s future. But I still do not see some things which should happen here … finding working solutions.

    1) You often discuss the problems in Government and education system but many times not the actual solutions. Not that you do not mention it sometimes but those thoughts do not get much attention from you , IMHO.
    I believe this is What Mohandas Gandhi’s biggest strength was. He knew what works for common people to get what he wished to get done. Now how he used it is irrelevant here , we got to learn the technique for sure.

    2) Examples.. This blogs points out so many issues in India and sometimes around India. But I think everybody would agree that India is not the only country in such state. Some of the developed countries were in much bad shape compared to India. So If some of the blog posts tries to address exactly what worked for them , How did they fight corruption problem or any other problem. (I am thinking code reuse in software development terms)

    3) I am not supporter of Raj Thackeray. But as he is saying(And whatever be his reasons be) that he will fight his battle on ALL fronts. legal,education and also on Roads… I think same should go for any mass education/development drive. Those who should really be thinking about what you write here do not get to read your posts. I am not saying so stop writing. I am saying.. something needs to happen on the road and not just on blogs. Either you do it or somebody who agrees with what you say does it(again irrelevant).. unless that is done How would the actual problem go away !! As for the wisdom world was never short of it… but it is always short of action. (PS this is generic comment for this blog writer and also to its reader and not really a personal one)


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