Basic incompetence

Expressing his frustration, Rajan Parrikar wrote saying that Indians appear to be experts in losing. . .

…on every front. For three days as the Mumbai terrorist drama unfolded on American TV screens, there was not a SINGLE official Indian representative offering the Indian perspective. The Pakistani ambassador, on the other hand, went on several channels proclaiming Pakistan’s innocence and telling Americans how his nation was an innocent victim instead!

Then there was Ms Zain Verjee, the CNN International anchor and a muslim, who did not let a single opportunity go without telling Americans how disaffected the Indian muslim youth are in India and how opportunities for India’s muslims are slim. Nobody talks about India’s Hindu poor (600+ million) and their travails. I guess Hindus don’t count since we are “secular.”

Where in the world was the Indian ambassador to the United States hiding? Doesn’t he know anything about public relations in the middle of an event of so singular a dimension and extent?

The only Indian presence of any significance came in the form of that charlatan Deepak Chopra. His first order of business was to drop his pants and crap on India. Are Indians truly programmed to be losers or what?

I don’t know if I will characterize all Indians as losers but the guy who heads the government is certainly one. He is, besides, a medical wonder — who appears to function normally despite the lack of a brain and a spine.

Author: Atanu Dey


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