An Inflection Point?

The terrorist attacks in Mumbai may mark an inflection point in the war against India by Islamic forces. Over centuries of terror — and tens of millions of innocent victims — India has been reduced to dhimmi status. Whether or not India has been finally pushed to wall is the question. Will the collective grow a spine or will it continue to just total up the lives lost while meekingly submitting to Islam’s avowed goal of claiming India as dar ul Islam? Is there some hope that India will finally turn the corner and defend itself instead of cowering in the corner?

The signs are not hopeful. The Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh, as usual made his empty threats of going after the terrorists — like he always does following each attack. But then he backpedals furiously with an eye on his vote bank. If the Indian voters don’t kick out the UPA in the next elections, I think that they deserve every bit of the continued rain of terror they suffer.

It is all karma, neh?

10 thoughts on “An Inflection Point?

  1. It is time for action. The Government of India is not going to change its way for next 100 years be it any political part. It is time some one like us gets into politics. There is no point expecting any thing from the current set of politicians. Half witted spineless , illiterate politicians will never deliver. It is time for us to do something for our country. There should be a new political party created by people like us.

    Antanu – I propose start a political party. There will be may people like us.


  2. What are you saying garib_ram? Manmohan still has to remind us that Pakistan is victim of terrorism like us. Considering Pak is staring bankruptcy, he has to tell us that they have first right to our resources. He has to announce confidence building measures like we will open more trade routes [I think Pak already has most favored nation status when it comes to trade], more trains, more cricket matches etc. He has to tell us what all is he going to do that can lead to more people-to-people exchange like we are having right now in Mumbai.
    Sorry Guys, I am suffering from a bout of pain, shame and impotent rage.


  3. In this crisis, till now, I have not seen the government thinking about negotiating with the terrorists. Government is going straight for the kill in spite of foreigners being taken in as hostage.
    If this is indeed a policy decision and something different is not going on in backdoors, I find this no-negotiation approach a welcome step.

    On a different note, I do not agree with all the criticisms hurled at our prime minister. I appreciate the prime minister very much.


  4. Expanding on my previous post I think there is a need for highly credible people to come in political space. They also need to come not through our regular parties. There are many credible smart people who would want to influence Indian political system but will not do so because of the complete collapse in the working style of political parties. The pendulum of inefficiencies of political parties shifts from each another. A congress will go and a BJP will come and the nation keeps on deteriorating at the same pace.
    As I said before regular Indian political parties have become morally bankrupt and expecting anything from them is like expecting a drug addict to come and treat people on how to keep away from drugs. There needs to be a new political party.


  5. I wonder how other govts would have reacted to this situation?

    i feel they are all equally incompetant in the face of terror.

    Some have got us fooled that they are tough on terror.

    i doubt attacking islam in general really helps the islamist terror issiue.

    Whoever our next govt is had better focus on concrete things like our security forces and inteligence systems more than their respective pet projects of glorifying Hinduism and things… 🙂


  6. The bright side is that these attacks were condemned across the board. Not even Pankaj Mishra was able to detect the sinister hand of Indian intelligence agencies behind the attacks.


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