Links for Nov 23rd: The Lion Sleeps Tonight edition

In the jungle, the the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight . . . no not that lion (lyrics) but this lion.

Contrast the Prime Minister’s callous indifference [to the alleged torture of the sadhvi] with the sleepless nights he spent when the Australian Police were interrogating Dr Mohammed Haneef for his links with the Glasgow bombers.

Here is an item that handily qualifies for the “Idiotic Statements of the Year Award”: Indira Gandhi’s vision saved us from current financial crisis: Sonia Gandhi

Prudence implies ensuring an economic system that imposes clear, fair rules and rewards those who play by them, Gandhi said.

It implies a system that insists upon transparency in all economic transactions, and accountability on the part of those who conduct them, she added.

Transparency International should be alerted that India must be elevated in their rankings because Ms Sonia Gandhi has said so. Hush my darlings, don’t fear my darlings, the lion sleeps tonight. (Hat tip: Kaushal Desai.)

Moving on, John Pilger writes about what “change” in America really means. The American people continue to sleep tonight. (Link thanks to Jayant.)

It’s not all doom and gloom. For comic relief, you can ask Sri Sri Ravi Shankar questions you always wanted to know the answers to but were never able to answer. Not ordinary questions such as whether the lion sleeps tonight but profoundly deep questions such as “I work for a charity. Does working for charity help one become spiritually enlightened?”

Don’t neglect to watch the featured short videos of people asking profound questions. (Hat tip Sudipta Chatterjee.)

That IBNLive feature helps one understand the meaning of the word “retard.” I got an email this morning from a follower of SSRS. I will spare you the pain and not quote the long email. But let me give you an illustrative sample of gross inanity from it:

. . . someone one asked Sri Sri a question (and I was there listening to this being asked btw) : “Why should I consider that you are my Guru? ” to which Sri Sri replied with his characteristic quick-wit “A Guru does not need a disciple , a disciple needs a Guru. So I am not asking you to make me your Guru. You are the one considering it. Think about it”

Ah so impressive! I really do believe that some of the followers of SSRS are really clueless retards if they get bowled over by vacuous answers and shopworn homilies. The email writer did ask that I don’t reveal her identity.

Moving on, here’s a link to a piece on Islam Watch, a site where ex-muslims scrutinize Islam: Islam Never had it this Good.

We live in strange times; only a few decades ago nobody with interest in Islamic matters could have predicted the scale of the Islamic resurgence that has swept the world. Today, Islam is a truly global religion that is no more confined to the Muslims’ countries but has reached all corners of the world. Islamic words like jihad, sharia and hijab have become parts of all languages. Nowadays, on daily basis, Muslims practice terrorism, which they call jihad, on daily basis and seem to get away with it, or even get praised as peace loving people.

Don’t fret my darlings. The world sleeps tonight.