Blaming the victims

The news of death and destruction from terrorism has become somewhat of a routine. The politicians make inane statements about how all this is most lamentable and aside from telling people to “maintain peace and quiet” they appear to go about their business as usual. The reactions from various quarters are predictable from past experience. One reaction which fills me with revulsion and disgust is the type that emanates from idiot pseudo-secularist commies. One such ended up in my mailbox just minutes ago. One Jaya Kamlani contributed this to a mailing list:

From: “jaya kamlani”

As soon as I heard about a string of bomb blasts in Gujarat, I sent out the information to some journalists and posted it on the SAJA (South Asian Journalists Assoc) blog, I am a long time member of the organization. I also posted updates to it on the blog. Yesterday, too, we had bomb blasts in Bangalore. It is so sad what is happening in India. My heart goes out to the grieving families.

Since I am working on my book on rural India and the ones left behind in the booming economy, I do a lot of research on the subject each day. As you know I traveled through the villages and slums of India for over two months this winter to gather material for my book. I certainly feel that the model of Indian economy is based on the American economy, which is capitalism. The ordinary man has been forgotten in India. What you are seeing is the dissatisfaction of the mass. . .

Jaya Kamlani is wrong. It is immoral, unethical, stupid and insane to pin the acts of barbaric savagery of killing innocents on the poor. The poor suffer enough and endure enough indignities without being also gratuitously blamed for acts of terrorism.

I am disgusted and repelled by Jaya Kamlani’s suggestion that it is the poor retaliating against the system by killing indiscriminately. Shame on you, Mr or Ms Jaya Kamlani.

Update 26 March 2013:

I just tweeted this post. What prompted me to do this was an email from the above named Jaya Kamlani (or that’s what the email claims.) Jaya said (or should I say demanded) that I take down this post. So we have a person dictating what I should have or not have on my blog. Great. Just what this blog needs — a dictator. JK further says that if I don’t take the post down, he or she will write to WordPress. I didn’t know that WordPress has dictatorial powers either. Anyway, the pseudo-secular leftist idiots do love dictators.

Anyway, I am at a loss. Should I tell Jaya where to go and what to do? Like “how about taking a FF”.

Author: Atanu Dey


6 thoughts on “Blaming the victims”

  1. Jaya,
    If your thesis of “poor, dissatisfied, disaffected … [throw in other adjectives of competitive deprivation here]” is true, why is it that the terror masterminds are doctors, engineers, college professors?

    They certainly do not fall in the categories you described!

    Oh,sorry, logic and facts mean little to commies!


  2. Trying to get into the mind of people like M(r)s. Kamlani, I think their reasoning (for following this thought process) is that continually impoverished folk might be easy recruits by nefarious groups. Irrational thoughts like this are quite common, as people seem to assume a higher pedestal of morality for themselves, and are quick to distance themselves further from the poor person. Little do they realize that greed does not follow any kind of class distinctions.


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