Plagiarism on blogs

The bad news is that it is easy enough to get a free blog (wordpress, blogger, blogspot, etc) and it is easy enough to cut and paste stuff to the blog. The good news is that if inexpertly done, plagiarism is easily noticed.

Here’s a case in point. This post on DKSHAMLI’S BLOG (July 5th, 2008) is an exact copy of my post titled “Unfair and Unlovely” (April 20th, 2007). This is done without the slightest nod to the original. Nowhere on the dkshamli blog is there any indication that it was not written by dkshamli.

Not very nice. A real shame.

Update: (6 PM IST 22nd July) I had reported the matter to I got an email from saying, “The blog has been deactivated, and the user will be forced to get in touch with us and remove the post.