Failing Government Schools in AP

Government schools in rural AP are losing strength because students are deserting them for private schools, according to this news item. (Hat tip: Ramesh Jagannathan)

People who have the ability to move, vote with their feet. So if they are moving away from free government schools to private schools where they have to pay, it speaks rather loudly to the fact that the government schools are not performing. The tragedy is that these failing government schools continue to be a drain on the public funds.

And who would be against the closing down of these schools and transferring the public money to those of the public who need it for education? The government bureaucrats and the teachers’ unions. So what are they proposing to do? Simple. Shut down the private schools. Cut the private schools down to size. Shut them up so that the poor are forced to go to the government schools and therefore forced to remain poor.

“The real culprits are the numerous unrecognised schools that have come up in the rural areas” reveals an official in the Education Department. “The government should deal with illegal institutions sternly in the interest of students. The vacant posts of supervisory officials should be filled immediately,” opines P. Satyanarayana, Adilabad district president of the Progressive Recognised Teachers Union.

It all comes down to the racket that the government runs — tax the public, create a huge bureaucracy, take monopolistic control of a sector so as not to have to worry about competition. The public suffers because resources are spent but end up wasted due to corruption and ineptitude.