Commenting Policy Change

Commenting on this blog requires a registration on this site. It is a simple half a minute process, and one gets to choose one’s handle and one’s password. But it was being abused by spammers and I decided to disallow users to register themselves. That means, if one wishes to comment, one has to write to me (atanudey at gmail) and I register you with your chosen username/handle and you can reset the password. Just to make it easier, I also decided that I would have a generic handle, “lurker”, and hoped that when people use that login, they would include at the end of the comment a real name or a persistent handle.

Some have used the “lurker” login and thoughtfully identified themselves. But most are not doing so and this is leading to confusion that I would rather avoid. So I am reluctantly removing the lurker login.

If you wish to comment, please email me and I will send you a login ASAP. Sorry for the trouble.

4 thoughts on “Commenting Policy Change

  1. Atanu,
    I am saddened by the commenting policy changes made on this blog.

    Ideally all comments should be allowed, without asking for a login. This really helps the discussion.

    You should check out other blogs which use a spam filter, along with a Captcha.


  2. Erm.. I’m not able to comment on the older posts. Around 2006. What should be done if I want to comment on them?


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