Summing Up

Time to take stock. It’s been a good year overall, but I am sure that 2008 is going to be even better. The trends are all good. Except in the US, thanks to George W Bush. No, I take that back. GWB is only the visible sign of decay, the festering pustule on the diseased political body of the US. I don’t see much hope in the inevitable change of administration post the 2008 presidential elections in the US either. It’s stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

I see India doing well. Narendra Modi’s win is going to cause some short-term trouble. The UPA led by Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi is weakened sufficiently and therefore will not be able to make any policy changes desperately required to chart a reasonable course for the economy. The foxtrotting commies have the UPA by the short and curlies and will continue to threaten to bring down the government. But the commies are convulsing in their death throes, taking their last gasps as they choke on their stupidity. I believe that in 2008, India will be able to give the commies a decent burial. It is high time. India can only get on with life after the death of the commies and their fellow travelers.

Pakistan is swirling around in the ceramic pot in preparation for the final rush down the tubes. Its grand ambition to destroy infidel India did not come to fruition. I hope Pakistan implodes quietly with a whimper, and not explode with a bang. Shit flying around is unpleasant. Funny how the Land of the Impure has a future that is denied to the Land of the Pure. The irony is deliciously sweet. Prediction: Mushy will get to meet his maker in 2008. No, I don’t mean GWB. I mean he will go to claim his 72 virgins up in the great big brothel in the sky. Mind you, Benazir won’t be among the 72 as she does not meet the virginity test. They can be just good friends.

Predictions overall for 2008: the world will continue to suffer from the Inner Spiritual Struggle ™ of some of its unhappy inhabitants. India especially will continue to be the testing grounds. Given the spinelessness of the Indian government, India is the best location for the beta release of Inner Spiritual Struggle. The stock markets will continue to climb for a while. Spectacular crashes expected around mid 2008. Energy prices will hit the US$200 a barrel by end of 2008. Those with a tenuous grasp on reality and basic economics will appear shocked. Shocked that prices climb when demand soars and supply crashes.

Well that is all the news from Lake Woebegone, where the women are strong, the men are good-looking and ALL the children are above average (as good ol’ Garrison says.) Take care and have a very happy new year.

Author: Atanu Dey


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