Unacceptable Blowback

Blowback. Backlash. Expressive words. They mean that sometimes the reaction to an action can be severe and unacceptable. Blowback is often associated with fire. You set a fire thinking that it will go that way but instead it goes this way. Ill thought-out policies usually suffer from blowback and backlash.

I observe with a great deal of trepidation the policies that Dr Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India, is promoting. I think that with friends like Dr Singh, the minorities (as the pseudo-seculars like to call them) don’t need any enemies. Their “friends” are selling them down the road for votes now. Later — and the later it is, the worse the reaction — they will suffer not for crimes of their commission but for what the likes of Dr Manmohan Singh did to get their votes. Dr Manmohan Singh will be long gone, a footnote in history, but what he is participating in today will have set back Indian civilization decades if not entirely doom it to third world irrelevance. The leadership of the minorities (and we all know what that actually refers to) is too stupid and ignorant not to see the long term consequences of the Faustian bargain they are making with the oh-so-secular government today.

I really feel for the minorities. They don’t deserve such punishment that Dr Singh and his bosses are planting the seeds of today. The harvest will be bitter indeed for them.

The Acorn lays it out by asking Manmohan Singh the right questions. Over a year ago I had written an open letter to Dr Singh. What a reply.

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