The Most Important Image Ever Taken

The Hubble Deep Field and the Most Important Image Ever Taken by Humanity.

Watch it and wonder. Wonder how insignificant our concerns are, how parochial our interests, how utterly immaterial even our greatest conflicts are. Watch it and wonder how ignorant the so-called sacred scriptures of humanity are. The visible universe is 78 billion light-years across. Our galaxy is huge — with about 5 billion stars, one of which is our sun. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies.

Author: Atanu Dey


2 thoughts on “The Most Important Image Ever Taken”

  1. ” …ignorant the so-called sacred scriptures of humanity are “.

    Certainly not. Yoga Vaasishtam ‘s story of Leela clearly enunciates the simultaneous existence of several Planet Earths in our Universe.

    When Parvathi Devi purposely appears before the ‘ distraught’ Sri Rama as His Consort Seetha, He smiles at Her, revealing lots and lots of Bhuloka(m)s, wherein various Ramas are in pursuit of Seethas, slaying various Raavanas. Also shown is His Abode (Vaikuntham) wherein He is relaxing on His Spring Mattress Adisesha with Mahalakshmi giving Him a foot massage:)

    Thanks for this breathtaking videoclip.


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