Arun Shourie on the Tectonic Shift

Go read Arun Shourie’s op-ed in today’s Indian Express. I agree with him. I think that passivity in the face of naked aggression is morally wrong. It encourages those who harm society. I have written about that in my post The Unbearable Silliness of Loving One’s Enemies. He touches on that principle.

At another point he mentions that India’s dismal economic growth pushed by socialists had been branded “the Hindu rate of growth.” I call that dismal rate of growth “the Nehru rate of growth.”

The main point is that there is a point beyond which even laid back people attacked needlessly do retaliate and are quite capable of extreme violence. He believes that a tectonic shift has been happening in the Hindu mind for the last 200 years. Go read it all.

3 thoughts on “Arun Shourie on the Tectonic Shift

  1. I agree with some parts of Mr Shourie’s article but I disagree with some parts too.

    1. Conversions – Conversions are an individual issue. Each and every one of us should have the freedom to choose the religion he wants to be in.

    2. M.F. Hussain – Mr Shourie asks Mr Hussain to paint faces of muslim cultural icons. Whether he wishes to or not is a matter of his personal choice. However there should not be anything stopping any other artist from making such paintings. We are moving too far down the road of competitive intolerance.

    Finally at the end, he mentions something that makes sense.
    >>”Why is stoking Muslims ‘secular’ and stoking Hindus ‘communal’?”

    Why indeed..


  2. Shourie is making a mistake for which his and my grandchildren will pay (that is if they don’t migrate out)

    Those who do not learn from seeing our neighbors (Nepal and Pakistan) are actually fools … and time will prove that

    Man usually learns from his mistakes, a smart man learns from others mistakes, and an idiot learns from no one


  3. Rishi,
    I agree with you on conversion.
    Any one who is stupid enough in this day and age to think that islam is a good philosophical and cultural framework and voluntarily chooses it is a moron. why should any one care if that person thinks that a din founded by an illiterate murdering warlord, who was also a pedophile is what he’d like to join.

    My issue will be with those who would take away any ones freedom to write a book,(even translate it), or make a cartoon, say what they think of islam.
    So this is where I do see the point that shourie is making when he asks Hussain to paint a muslim cultural icon. He is harping at the differences in reaction that would generate.


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