Who’s India’s Wu?

I came across the name Gordon Wu in an item in a recent Knowledge@Wharton mailing. It was titled "Gordon Wu Sees Huge Opportunities in China's Rapid Urbanization." Wu, a Hong Kong native, graduated from Princeton in 1958, and in 1969 founded Hopewell Holdings, a civil engineering firm. “Wu's Hopewell Holdings -- where he serves as … Continue reading Who’s India’s Wu?

Fake PM’s Speech – Part Punch

Of Economic Freedom and Bondage This is the concluding part of my re-write of PM Dr Manmohan Singh's speech to the CII. (Previous part on Social Contracts here.) The PM in his speech had quoted from Tagore's Gitanjali. I suppose the irony of quoting Tagore in the context of the government's sustained effort to divide … Continue reading Fake PM’s Speech – Part Punch