Bihar — Part 1

Yesterday's Empires into Dust The Buddha’s enlightenment was centered around the realization that the universe is characterized by impermanence (called annicha in Pali) and change, that nothing abides eternally. That event occurred when he was intensely meditating under a tree 2,500 years ago in a grove. That place is known today as Bodh Gaya, a … Continue reading Bihar — Part 1

Open Source and Education

From the article How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories: "MIT provides just one of the 10 open source educational success stories detailed below. Open source and open access resources have changed how colleges, organizations, instructors, and prospective students use software, operating systems and online documents for educational purposes. And, in … Continue reading Open Source and Education

The Indian Education System — Part 10

[Previous post: Part 9.] The liberalization of the education sector in India, that is, allowing free entry – especially for-profit firms – will result in increased supply of educational services. Here I will explore the predictable consequences of this. We begin by recognizing that education is not an undifferentiated homogeneous good; there are distinct levels … Continue reading The Indian Education System — Part 10