The Monk and the Philosopher

All the successful techniques for manipulating matter originated mainly in the West but the greater achievement of manipulating the mind – I am justifiably proud to claim – originated in India. In my opinion, the mind has precedence over matter. For the moment I will sidestep the other matter that it is a mistake to … Continue reading The Monk and the Philosopher

Bihar — Part 2

The more I see of the world, the more convinced I become of two generalizations I have constructed. Generalization #1: different parts of the world display different levels of economic prosperity and development, and with time the differences accumulate thus increasing regional disparities. Generalization #2: basically all humans are the same, and at their core … Continue reading Bihar — Part 2

Pragati — June Issue

Here's the lastest issue of Pragati. Go get it by clicking on the image below. Contents PERSPECTIVE: Soft power, hard reality, Channel !ndia, The Indian corporate century, Climate change & international security FILTER: On India-US relations; India’s consumer market; The Doha round and free trade in services; Productivity miracle; and Climate change and the Indian … Continue reading Pragati — June Issue