4 thoughts on “Our Wonderful Democracy”

  1. why is democracy such a dogma ? i have certain reservations with it, now that mr. karunanidhi has taken to the streets, saying that the will of the people is being subverted by just 2 people. not very different from mob-rule.

    my 2 cents


  2. I fond India’s democracy more like a monarchy. We keep electing the people from the same families. It seems like the only profession where you earn your right just by the virtue of relationships, just like we got Rajiv Gandhi as our Prime Minister and now are going ga ga over Rahul Gandhi.


  3. I happened to read your blog about democracy a bit too late.

    I figured it was during one of the “May”hems reading the last sentence. Okay relating stock markets to democracy is inappropriate or almost naive. I don’t claim to be an expert, but bull markets usually have a very short-lived but extremely volatile bear markets. So lets not worry about stock markets and lets come back to democracy.

    I really liked the idea of Cargo-cult democracy though. Ours is certainly a cargo-cult democracy, where we adopted the british system and renamed those with indian names so we had a loksabha for house of commons and rajyasabha for house of lords (just like the Chief Operating Sevak ;-)). The real problem with the democracy is – “it is a system that does not scale”. Something that works for a country with mostly uniform demography (US or UK) does not work for a country with a demography as diverse and population as vast as Indian. It does not make sense to expect a guy from Mumbai and a farmer in TelangaNa is going to vote on the basis of same things, because for good or worse, (s)he’d vote for or vote against things that affect his/her life and I don’t think (s)he’s a stupid voter. The problem is with the aggregation of these votes (and thats why I really like presidentiall elections, there agreegation system, is really good where a few most populous states cannot dominate the outcome one way or the other!) I have been thinking about what could be a better “aggregation” mechanism? I had started thinking about this sometime back, but didn’t jot down. Will update once I recall somewhat!!


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