Gmail on Paper!

Whatever are they going to think of next? Three years ago on April 1st, they announced 2 GB of free mail. Now this. Free paper mail. They will mail you a copy of any number of emails that you wish to save on hardcopy. Google is going to take over the earth 🙂

PS: It’s an April Fools’ joke.

PPS: Praveen C informs us that Google is also offering free broadband service called TiSP.

Happy April Fools

Happy April Fools’ Day!

For a fascinating account of April Fools’ day, see the Wikipedia article.

There are smart people with a sense of humor and as their targets there are billions of gullible people. The existence of organized religion is proof that there are billions of gullible people. But organized religion is not funny. It becomes funny though when ridiculed. Rowan Atkinson is the master of ridicule and humor. If you have not seen him as Bean, you have a treat waiting. (Don’t bother with the stupid Hollywood “Mr Bean” movie. It’s a pale imitation of the real Bean.) Even better, check out the Blackadder series. Wickedly funny.

Here’s a short clip of Rowan Atkinson on the Amazing Jesus of Nazareth.

Thank god that some humans have a sense of humor. The Anglosphere particularly appreciates a good joke. One cannot imagine anything comparable in the Islamosphere. If someone in some remote corner of the world were to poke a bit of fun at their idols, the Islamosphere would go an a worldwide rampage and before you know it a few dozen people would be dead. They do need to lighten up a bit.

Have fun!

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