Jihad Watch – 1

India’s development is not insulated from global forces shaping the world. Islamic terrorism is a global reality that only the seriously deluded can deny. Its bloody hand reaches deep inside the global human breast daily and wrenches the heart out.

The world spends hundreds of billions of dollars every year trying to protect itself. The security apparatus we go through at the airports is in place largely to dissuade jihadists. Soon I guess the local train stations in Mumbai will have to have some sort of security in place.

Islamic terrorism impedes the free flow of law abiding people, it hurts commerce, it hurts development, and most importantly of all, it destroys lives and families. Around 200 dead and a thousand injured in Mumbai last week was just one more the hundreds of incidents of jihad the world suffers each year.

Jihad is a regular feature of our world. Jihad Watch will be a regular feature on this blog. Why? Because we must understand the enemy if we wish to prevail. We need to understand what motivates them and why. I will highlight articles and viewpoints which I believe can help inform our understanding of jihad.

Kanchan Gupta declares This is Jihad in The Pioneer of July 17th.

The holy warriors who carried out the 7/11 bombings in Mumbai, and before that in Delhi on the eve of Diwali last year and in Varanasi on the eve of Holi this year, may be members of local sleeper cells of Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and SIMI, but the battle they are fighting is part of the global war being waged by Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda, at present headquartered in Gen Pervez Musharraf’s Pakistan, to establish the primacy and dominance of Islam. With Islamism finding an increasing number of converts in India, and pretended victimhood becoming a convenient cover to unleash manufactured rage on issues ranging from President George Bush’s visit to the alleged lampooning of the Prophet by Jyllands-Posten, a Danish newspaper, from India’s vote against Iran in the IAEA’s board of governors meeting to Western aid agencies refusing to fund Hamas’s terror campaign – issues that fit into the larger matrix of pan-Islamism – Osama bin Laden and his generals will now find it easier to deploy foot soldiers in our country to push the frontiers of jihad and expand the theatre of this clash of civilisations.

Barbara Stock in Free Repulic asks “Can There be Peace with Islam?” She notes:

Islam, the self proclaimed “religion” of peace and love cannot stop killing its own people in the name of Islam and Allah. Islam is a religion that proclaims murder is wrong, and the killing of a fellow Muslim absolutely forbidden. Despite that, Muslims seem to have no problem killing a fellow Muslim if it is convenient or will lead to one sect having more power than another.

Recently in Iraq, Shia Muslims stopped buses and cars and anyone who was not a Shia Muslim, was executed. Over 40 Sunni Muslims were murdered by their fellow Muslims. Apparently, this was done in retaliation for the bombing of a Shia mosque by Sunni Muslims. This week, a funeral procession was stopped and all the mourners were executed. Muslims are killing Muslims and there isn’t an American soldier in sight to blame.

She concludes her column with:

Now there has been a brutal attack in India with hundreds dead and injured. Some will say that this has nothing to do with the war America is involved in. Only the foolish believe this. Whether it is the attack on 9/11, London, Madrid, Russia, Bali, and now India, the common denominator in all these attacks is Islam. Attacks have been thwarted in Australia, Canada, England, France, and the United States.

The “politically correct” (and grammatically incorrect) term for this is the “War on Terrorism.” The PC folks of the world need to wake up and smell the burning train car. This is a war against the ideology of Islam. It is Islam that is behind nearly every terrorist attack in the world today. There is not a day that passes that someone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, does not die at the hands of a follower of Islam. It is not possible to have peace with a “religion” that only believes in war.

Interestingly, her article appears on a website that is conservative and supports Bush. Yes, the very same Bush who is waging a “War Against Terror” — but his is a limited war. As long as the jihad leave the US alone, he is quite willing to support global Islamic terrorism through his friendly dictator Gen Musharraf whom he calls his friend. Bush supports terrorism through his support of Musharraf who supports jihad.

B Raman, Additional Secretary (retd.), Govt. of India, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai writes that BUSH KEEPS MUSH GOING & MUSH KEEPS JIHAD GOING – and here is a (partial) list of what Bush is sending Mush.

36 new F-16 Block 50/52 planes.

60 upgrade kits for F-16s

26 free old F-16s.

500 AIM-120C5 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM)- This is the latest US Air-to-Air missile which outclasses anything India has. It is reputed to have a range of 120 km and every Indian fighter will be threatened by this.

500 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) Guidance Kits: – Again India has nothing of this sort. This is in addition to the Joint Standoff Weapon that Pakistan recently received.

1,600 Enhanced-GBU-12/24 GBUs; – Guided bombs of the same type used by the USAF today.

700 BLU-109 2,000 pound bombs – These are the state of the art US “bunker buster” bombs that can make mincemeat of any IAF or Indian Army deep bunkers and storage facilities

The latest Link-16 Datalink to connect every Pakistani F-16 with their recently ordered Swedish Erieye AWACS aircrafts.

Why the US supports war and terrorists around the world is easy to understand — the military-industrial complex requires that the demand for weapons is kept high. By stimulating demand for weapons, and supplying to that demand, the makers of the weapons of mass destruction rake in the billions, and use the billions to buy the congressmen and legislators and fund candidates in elections who support the weapons of mass destruction industry.

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I should acknowledge that I am borrowing the title of this series from very popular blog called JihadWatch.org.

Author: Atanu Dey


9 thoughts on “Jihad Watch – 1”

  1. We Indians in particular hindus need to bypass the path of media, politics and ‘harmony’ when it comes dealing with terrorism and our security. This has actually become a question of our identity and existence. If we look at history our pacifist nature has made us tolerate all kind of insults, conversions and aggressions. Pakistan, China and US are having a go at us again and again and we foolishly laugh, take the beating in the name of resilience. Why do we need useless phone calls from US and UK while we are getting screwed by Pakistan and Islamists? Why we look outside for sympathy We don’t understand. It seems we have become a nation of hijdaas. We must harden up at this point of time otherwise we don’t deserve a place in the history of mankind and known civilisations. We need to look inwards to protect ourselves, harness our own strengths, we don’t need words and sympathy from phoney outsiders.

    What we need is an ‘Indus organisation’ working in background independent of political and democratic institutions. Due to corruption, lack of competent people and infiltration of foreign spies these institutions (IB, CBI, Left, Cong, BJP, Police, Armed Forces, Media) can not anymore be relied upon to give us security and respectable life.

    Indus will be used to execute our strategic policies, protect our civilisation, dismantle terror using indiscriminate force and literally if needed use all dirty tactics in a discreet manner. We didn’t do this when moguls came, when europeans came, when british ruled, when chinese attacked, when pakis alomost nuked us. See the results now.. a fragmented, pathetic India ruled by cowards who can’t even take pakistan’s name in front of International media in fear of rattling some meaningless peace process nobody in pakistan cares about. See our bloated fattened IB, RAW and Police officials totally clueless about terrorist attacks and incapable of even preventing an US spy becoming RAW sub-head and tapping Prime Minister’s phone line.

    The so called diversity has become a curse to our mother land. We can’t today even trust our prime minister who behaves like a numb head when terrorists attack and kill our innocent brothers, sisters, sons, daughters. We have only been treated as a sheep in the world so far. Nobody gives a damn about India’s problems. And why should anyone since we couldn’t even assassinate one Dawood who killed almost 800 innocent people in 1993. We have to prove we are not a looser religion. We have to use aggression. Peaceful means don’t work with brain-washed jihadists. For god’s sake, all hindus get this straight in your heads, minds and hearts.

    We can not solve the terrorism problem with concepts of love and harmony. We have been stupidly following these mis-guided principals of non-violence while turks, sultans, moguls, french, portugese, british, chinese, pakis and americans have been raping our motherland. Love and harmony would have worked for instance with a pacifist minority of buddhists or some sub-sect of hindu religion. My friends I am not instigating violence. If we don’t rise and fight now history will judge us as cowards unfit of independent existance. In another 100 years Indian continent will be part some middle-east country with a tiny hindu minority working as slaves.

    We are not against muslims in India who have unfortunately forgotten that they are genetically still Indus and their ancestors were forcefully converted by mogul aggressors. The muslims in India are told by their overseas masters not to say ‘Vande Mataram’. They have become zombies and most of them want to make India an Islamist nation. One shameful example: Fire crackers are lit in Hyderabad, Auragabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Allahabad and parts of Mumbai when pakistan wins a cricket match against India.

    Unfortunately we have been brainwashed to believe by our selfish coward politicians and mis-designed education system that ultimately the ‘truth’ and ‘right’ will prevail with a divine intervention. This is not going to happen. The times have changed. In today’s world full of imperialist west and jihadi middle-east only force and ruthless vengeance can save a country like India. Take Israel’s example. This is a wake up call to all hindus. This is a last chance to decide our own fate.

    We want back our land Pakistan and flush away the occupiers to middle east. We will break the back, nose, limbs and head of anyone who dares to hurt us.

    We will face resistance by idiot pseudo-secular hindus like Mulayam Singh (represents selfish politicians) Arundhati Roy (represents overrated but useless arty-farties) and, Amartya Sen (represents tired outdated intellectuals with western influence lacking respect for Indus heritage). We will have to ignore them since they have been blinded by the ‘love’ of muslim brotherhood and so called past 600 year multi-cultural history. What they have forgotten is that the hindus were totally humiliated, raped, looted, enslaved, chopped and exploited during these times. We don’t care about them. Our history shows some of our own people joined hands with outsiders and caused debacle of our nation on countless occasions. If time comes we will have to ‘deal’ with such traitors as well. Traitors in all parts of world are hanged except in India where they become ministers, join Left or become foreign spies in police, RAW and Media. What a shame!

    Indus does not represent RSS, BJP or hindu fundamentalists. Indus has no political ambitions. Indus does not want and need any positions-of-power and fame. Indus will operate independently and only in favour of Hindu heritage, its preservation and its expansion.

    Indus needs hindus of all castes and colors from all walks of life. Strategy to be used is of aggression, pre-emptive strikes on our enemies and their extermination. Do you want to join Indus? Indus needs you.

    PM Singh we are ashamed of you.

    RAW, IB we are ashamed of you.

    SP, Left we are ashamed of you.

    Indian Muslim brothers why have you let the few culprits among you do such incredibly horrible acts of terrorism?

    We hindus have been hurt like never before. And there is an inferno raging in. It is time for action.


  2. Dear IndraSen,

    I totally agree with your views, especially the bit about the “need to bypass the path of media, politics and ‘harmony’ when it comes dealing with terrorism and our security.”

    However, I would go furthur and say that we need this for solving all the problems of India. Terrorism is just one problem. The govt, media and intellectuals have failed India in every way and have a stranglehold on all the communication pathways to people. I am in the process of establishing such independent pathways.

    The need of the hour is for all Indians who care about India and work towards solving them as rapidly as possible. Your goal of solving terrorism problem fits with my larger goal of solving all the problems. So, we can cooperate on that. You can contact me at jp.chilumula@gmail.com

    An alternative perspective on the same problem: To me, it seems that Indians are supporting Jihadis. Would request yours and the readers comments on:
    Am I a traitor?

    Warmest Regards,


  3. All forms of organized religion are bloodthirsty and despicable.More people have been killed in God’s name than in any other. So what ? Quite amusing to see so many people getting their knickers in a twist over what is patently oversimplification. Just because Shyam Saran believes that ‘all terrorism is interconnected” dosent make it so. All the lickspittle wanted was a strong statement from the G8, which he failed to accomplish. Bush’s war on terror can be won if Bush stops terrorising the world. Cause and effect are very clear and documented, so why the bile ? Atanu’s memory seems to be several centuries long, must be a decendant of Maud Dib 🙂 Terror is not just what unorganized groups indulge in, terror is terror even if unleashed by States. Actually much more damage is done by terrorist states than terrorist groups. BTW its not just pakistan that is a terrorist state, in my last reading most of the member states of the UN will easily fit this description.
    As the immortal words of Vassilis Epaminondou state
    “If you kill one person you are a murderer. If you kill ten people you are a monster. If you kill ten thousand you are a national hero.”
    Or as Dwight D. Eisenhower put it “Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.”


  4. JP, do you have good connections in India, any like minded friends who support concept of ‘Indus Organisation’? This is a quite serious matter and open blogs isn’t obviously a right place to discus it.


  5. There is a great deal of denying, even refusal to acknowledge the problem. TV channels have almost uniformly ignored the real issues of terrorism. See this sample.

    Quite sensibly, in my opinion, most of us do not care about who did it or why. We are back to ‘normal’ work ignoring the perpetrators with the contempt they deserve. We don’t need PhDs to present us with an analysis of the whys and wherefores. Much is obvious even to a non-expert like myself.

    It is a waste of time to indulge in needless public recriminations. Our best response is to ignore the incident (treat it as a force majeure happening no different from floods or car accidents or air crashes) and return to work in a hurry.

    If we give these savage assailants of civilisation no publicity and carry on with our humble, peaceful, unpublicised, peaceable, day-to-day, matter-of-fact, ordinary, boring acts of drudgery that involve the process of earning our livings, then we would have automatically check-mated our collective adversaries and denied them the sweet success of public visibility which thy desire.


  6. How to tackle jihadi terrorism in India?

    1) Let’s us fight back. Form groups of like minded hindus, unite together, be prepared and keep a watch on mullas in your area.

    We must form organisations that are independent of political and public scrutiny. Such organisations will only work for the benefit of hinduism and Bharat. All dirty tricks can be used to enforce hindu’s interests.

    2) Indian hindus should work with LTTE and teach pakistan what exactly terrorism is.

    3) Enough of this non-violence non-sense.

    4) Next India should again divide pakistan in two or three parts taking benefit of its internal racial conflicts such as wazirstan and sindh and dispute with Afghanistan and Russia. This will break back of this terrorist nation for another 30-40 years.

    5) India should also not spare China who has basically supported pakistan in order to distract India from becoming a world power.

    India should unite pacific nations, support taiwan, south korea, vietnam, cambodia, japan and indonesia to fight against china. India should play politcal and military support to these small nations who are afraid of china’s imperialism.

    6) Finally, Iran. Many Iranian spies have entered India as Iranian students. The Varanasi blasts were handiwork of Iranian spies, ISI and SIMI.

    To take revenge on these middle eastern scums.. join Israel, give them logistic and political support.

    This is the only chance Indian civilisation can ever become a true world power in the world.


  7. There is no doubt that one needs to act tough on terrorism. But the question is how do we deal with it. The only way to fight terrorism is to act more rationally and judiciously. Excesses beget excess. Acting tough should always be backed by information about the extremists and fundamentalists. The root of terrorism in India is not only the fundamental Muslims but also the fundamental Hindus. Intolerance towards terrorism should not make us blind and tactless. Disproportionate reactions always backlash.


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