The False Bottom of the Pyramid

Apparently, to be a successful “public intellectual” one of the requirements is that one must invent a catchy tag line. The tag line must have emotional appeal through a reference to some deeply held belief or social conditioning. An example of one such is the title of the book by Thomas Friedman “The World is … Continue reading The False Bottom of the Pyramid

The Pleasure of Finding Out

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Richard Feynman (May 11, 1918 – February 15, 1988). Reading the Wiki entry on Feynman is both humbling and delightful. What a prodigious brain, what a sensibility, what delight he takes in being alive and learning. But to get a better understanding of who he is, you … Continue reading The Pleasure of Finding Out

“Free” Energy? Not Really — Part 3

[Previous Posts on "Free Energy": Part 1, Part 2] Keith Hudson, the author of the outstanding Daily Wisdom postings, recently commented on the matter of free energy. With his permission, I am sharing his post with the readers of this blog. "An Irish company has thrown down the gauntlet to the worldwide scientific community to … Continue reading “Free” Energy? Not Really — Part 3

“Free” Energy? Not Really — Part 2

Magical thinking and wishful thinking are fraternal, if not identical, twins. Both are cognitive traps that our emotional selves stumble into. Both are characteristically childlike. While childlike behavior and mentation is adorable in small children, when adults do it, it is childish and not cute. There is no law which says that adults cannot, or … Continue reading “Free” Energy? Not Really — Part 2