Through the Rains Darkly

Rain keeps falling down. Which is why, yesterday I had to spend over two hours at the Dadar railway station in Mumbai waiting for my train to Nasik. The tracks between VT station and Dadar were flooded and trains were running as much as 9 hours late. There was no place to sit in the crowded station. Finally I gave up and headed to crash for the night at a friend’s place. Today I wake up to see a rained out city. Here is a picture from around Haji Ali taken from the window of the 13th floor apartment.

Mumbai rains

The picture contrast has been enhanced and so it is difficult to make out the rain. Here is another picture which has not been fiddled with.

Rains in Mumbai

By way of contrast, here is a picture from a clear day–when you can see forever quite a distance.

On a clear day

On a brighter note, a piece of good news. The technical problem with my blog has been fixed. We are back to our regularly scheduled postings. 🙂

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