Mumbai Serial Bomb Attack

The terrorists have struck once again. This time it appears to be a series of bombs on the Western line of Mumbai locals. So far reports indicate about half a dozen bombs during rush hour.

Assumption: lots of people killed. Islamic terrorism in action.
Prediction: More ineffectual inane statements from the politicians. Especially the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the supreme leader of India Ms Sonia Gandhi. More security will be assigned to them and other politicians. Dr Singh may increase the number of bus and train services between Pakistan and India. The border between Pakistan and India will be made less secure so that Islamic terrorism can have less resistance.

I think that it is time my suggestion that leaders be held accountable for acts of terrorism be taken seriously. Unless the leaders feel the pain of terrorism, they will not have the slightest interest in preventing terrorism. See “Terrorism–A Way Out” on this blog.

Post-script: If the media calls this one “7/11”, I swear I will puke. The rate at which Islamic terrorism is going, it makes no sense since surely the entire calendar will be filled in the next couple of years: 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, … , 12/30, 12/31. To my mind, only 9/11 has some legitimacy when it comes to naming Islamic terrorism with a date. The rest are too late.

PS: 9:44 PM

Prime Minister Singh makes his inane statement: “The series of blasts in Jammu and Kashmir and in Mumbai are shocking and cowardly attempts to spread a feeling of fear and terror among our citizens.”

Yes, indeed so. The politicians, are on the other hand, totally unconcerned because they will never have to take public transportation and will not have to die in terrorist blasts.

Ms Sonia Gandhi, Dr Singh’s boss, expressed shock. Why? Even an ordinary citizen like me has figured out by now that Islamic terrorism is the order of the day and unless one has been hiding under the rock for the last few decades, it should be expected and not shocking. Or is the supreme leader so out of touch with the daily occurrences around the world that it is shocking to note terrorism?

The PURA Meeting in Delhi

I was invited to attend a meeting at the Ministry of Rural Development at the Krishi Bhavan in New Delhi on the 7th of July. (Here is a note which I wrote while waiting in the lobby.)

The meeting was chaired by Renuka Vishwanathan, Secretary, Mininstry of Rural Development. Largely the meeting was attended by secretaries from various state governments such as Chattisgarh and Orrisa. There were a couple of people from President Kalam’s office; Dr PV Indiresan, the architect of PURA; Dr PS Rana, Chairman and MD of HUDCO (Housing and Urban Development Corporation); a couple of people from the Council of Indian Industries (CII); and a few others.
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Krishi Bhavan, Gate No. 6

Dateline: July 7th, 9:20 AM
Lobby of the Ministry of Rural Development, Gate No. 6, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi.

Dear Diary:

Got here too early for my 10 AM meeting since I could not accurately estimate the time it would take me to find the place.

Immediately upon entering, stopped by security. One man in civilian clothes, apparently the receptionist, rudely commanded me to wait. He did not display the least hint of common courtesy.
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What’s the Point of Inquiry?

Vivek Ladsariya asked me that question yesterday. It is the radio show and podcast of the Center for Inquiry. The mission statement of the Point of Inquiry says (in part):

“The purpose of Point of Inquiry is to contribute to the public understanding and appreciation of science and reason, and their applications to human conduct, and to promote skepticism of the paranormal and supernatural claims, which often benefit from no scrutiny in our overly-credulous culture.” Continue reading “What’s the Point of Inquiry?”

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