This is surreal

The surreal does not shock.

Pakistan is buying US$5,000 million worth of military hardware, including F-16s from the US. India is subsidizing that purchase to the tune of US$25 million in cash. I am sorry about India’s niggardly gesture — it should be giving Pakistan at least US$ 100 million. After all, dhimmis have to pay jizya and at US$ 25 milllion, it works out to be a very low per capita. [Here is the relevant news item. And here is the explanation of what I mean.]

The jizya tax is traditionally imposed on non-muslims (dhimmis) living in a Muslim majority state. The dhimmis can avoid the tax by converting and many did and still do. A tax is a negative subsidy; a positive subsidy to induce conversion is also effective in many instances. So, if being a Muslim were to confer benefits that would not be available to non-muslims, it would induce conversion.

Arjun Singh is giving an incentive to non-muslims to convert into Islam. The poor family in my neighborhood are thinking of converting to Islam because it would help their son get into college on the Muslim quota that Mr Singh is establishing.

I strongly believe that the government should not be in the business of converting people. But I guess Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s government, because it is secular, has to prove its secular credentials by converting the kuffars.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “This is surreal”

  1. well the hindus are pussies that is why they are getting what they deserve.
    Lets see it was they who went along with a hair brained charkha scheme, agreed to partition and agreed to keep a then larger muslim population with in india while non muslims were expelled.
    Interestingly combined east and west population was less than indian muslim population, but now it is not.
    The demographics even today are showing its a greater mess.
    The hindus after independence wanked away increasing the number of handlooms while the rest of the world went on to better things
    then there were gand matkaus in bollyshit who were financed by muslim criminals or terrorism and the hindus watched all those masturbatory movies all the while funding a jihaad on them
    Sunjay dutt talks to crooks on phone no one cared, kept illegal arms provided by terrorists and no one cared,
    this goes to the NRI wankers who rent movies providing the crooks with more money. Anil kapoor dancing like a 2 bit bhand and no one cared….
    I am really not hopeful.


  2. Aid is always a tool of leverage. The cross-subsidy implied does not take into account humanitarian considerations, image and what is referred to as the ‘moral upper ground’.There is also the ‘mind share’ factor that is difficult to quantify. IAC Pakistan did send relief materials in response to the earthquake in Bhuj etc. So this is grandstanding.
    The more interesting part is that India is clearly escalating the conventional weapon race in the sub-continent. While it is cheaper for Pakistan to buy delivery technology (plane, ship, missile etc) than try to develop it, the overall defense budget is being pushed by India’s purchases to an unsustainable level. India has been buying hardware like there is no tomorrow. The purchases too are now sizable (like 80 Mi helos in one go).Given the state of the Pakistani economy this will push it over the brink. This is one of the reasons the ISI prefers a low intensity, soft target based profile as it is hell of a lot cheaper. Easier to bankrupt an antagonistic state rather than engage them in battle ! So from the jinogistic point of view is this good or bad ?


  3. I have to agree with what shiv said, if India really wants to get it’s machismo on, the US (Boeing) has offered the F-18 Superhornet, a vastly superior plane. That’s just a backup in case the Russian Su-47 takes too long to develop or something.


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