Narendra Modi Goes to China

Narendrabhai is in China leading a business delegation which includes my colleague Rajesh Jain. reports:

Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, India, is leading a high level India delegation visiting China this week. Modi and other delegates hope to attract Chinese investment in sectors like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment and transformer manufacturing.

Located on the west coast of India, Gujarat is one of the fastest growing economies in India. Despite sluggish export recovery and a slowdown in financial inflows into the Indian economy led by the continued global recession, Gujarat successfully managed to keep its double-digit economic growth rate. It now contributes 22 percent of Indian exports.

Hindustan Times reports:

In quest of more investment in Gujarat, chief minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday left for China, where he is expected to showcase his state as a destination hub. A 20-member delegation comprising industry representatives and officials is accompanying him. The Gujarat government has arranged a chartered plane from Dubai to fly the delegation to China and return on November 13.

Each member of the delegation will shell out close to Rs 20 lakh for his or her expenses during the trip. All arrangements have been made by the state.

During the five-day business-cum-political visit, the chief minister, who had earlier declined “state hospitality” from the Indian embassy in Beijing, will meet senior officials in the Chinese government and functionaries of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC).

“He has scheduled a series of meetings with government officials, private firms and functionaries of the CPC to discuss mutual business opportunities,” a top official in the Gujarat government said, adding, “with CPC functionaries he will make a presentation on how rich the state is with Buddhist monuments, relics and places of culture”.

Author: Atanu Dey


3 thoughts on “Narendra Modi Goes to China”

  1. > Declined state hospitality.
    ROTFL. Good for Narendrabhai — the embassy is probably full of lazy, incompetent cogresswaadis.
    the indian embassy in any country is always a source of embarrassment.
    a visit is enough to confirm that one is a citizen of a third-world banana republic


  2. Can you ask Rajesh, if he paid anything to be on this trip. The word in Ahmedabad was (about 10 days ago) that each businessman shelled out about 22L to be on the trip?


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