Narendrabhai Modi article in TIME

There's an article on Shri Narendra Modi in TIME. I have not read it as it is behind a subscription wall but I am fairly certain that it will have the usual bs about the Hindu-Muslim riots and will probably not mention that a Muslim mob torched a train compartment killing innocent pilgrims that set … Continue reading Narendrabhai Modi article in TIME

Shri Narendra Modi and India will Prevail

Any dispassionate observer of India would agree that India is underdeveloped in practically every sense of the term. What’s worse is that India has always had the potential to do much better. India’s failure to develop is a disappointing tale of how disastrous lack of able leadership can be. India does not lack any of … Continue reading Shri Narendra Modi and India will Prevail

Truth Through Innuendos and Assertions

My good friend CJ is a contrarian. Being contrarian perhaps explains why we are friends in the first place. My conversations with CJ usually give me a different perspective. Today we were on the phone and we ended up talking about my favourite Indian politician, Shri Narendra Modi. Narendrabhai, I told CJ, is the only … Continue reading Truth Through Innuendos and Assertions

Narendra Modi Goes to China

Narendrabhai is in China leading a business delegation which includes my colleague Rajesh Jain. reports: Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, India, is leading a high level India delegation visiting China this week. Modi and other delegates hope to attract Chinese investment in sectors like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment and transformer manufacturing. Located on … Continue reading Narendra Modi Goes to China

Modi Will Rescue India from Its Enemies

My previous post "Narendra Modi Scares Some People" received a comment by Sanjeev Sabhlok. See the full text of the comment here. He began by writing, "Much as I respect your opinions on other matters, I simply can’t understand your stand on Modi." This post is a reply to Sanjeev explaining why I support Narendrabhai … Continue reading Modi Will Rescue India from Its Enemies

The BJP Must Get its Act Together

It is widely rumored that India is a vibrant democracy but one wonders if the rumors are wild exaggerations with little bearing to reality. I could be wrong but doesn't the idea of a democracy include having an effective opposition to the ruling party? Or is it still a democracy if it is a one-party … Continue reading The BJP Must Get its Act Together