9 thoughts on “Manmohan Singh is Incorrigibly Obtuse and Morally Deficient

  1. RC Friday July 6, 2012 / 9:56 am

    Today I saw a clip where Yashwant Sinha called MMS a “consultant” to the government. I guess he was being polite. But “consultant” also sums up MMS’s role. He is not a leader and I dont think he is even trying to be one. He is just a figurehead who can advise on matters but has no authority, will or ability to implement any of his suggestions.


  2. anonymous Saturday July 7, 2012 / 2:03 am

    Too crass to call him the Prime M….chod?


  3. Lok Saturday July 7, 2012 / 5:56 am

    MMS’s most humble statement the other day

    “I leave it to the history to Judge me”

    What should we call this. Hasnt the present judged him or is he hopeful of chapter dedicated in school history books praising his intelligence and character just like the other nehrus and gandhis. May be maino obliges and sibbal is probably working on it.


  4. tp Sunday July 8, 2012 / 11:26 am

    “I leave it to the history to Judge me” — from one that has left the doing to someone else all his life, why is this surprising? Also observe that he consigns his fate to history, not the people of India. Convenient. As Americans love to say, “he’s history!”


  5. tp Sunday July 8, 2012 / 11:31 am

    I am actually surprised at the older Time headline. Time knows well that Modi is bad for American interests whereas MMS-puppet/muppet is ideal. Until such times as FDI was scuttled, I’d expect American media to highlight Modi’s communal proclivities and hail UPA as continuing savior of India. The MMS Time headline is a reaction to FDI stall and nothing surprising. Bitch about UPA and MMS by all means but don’t take your cue from Time, for goodness’ sake.


  6. onceinabluemoon Monday July 9, 2012 / 8:20 am

    Sometime back didn’t this spineless wonder say something on the lines of ‘The BJP is not in a position to criticize the Congress because it has many skeletons in its cupboard.’ Leaving aside the truth or otherwise of the remark, is this not the language of a gangster? Since the operational methods of the UPA can best be described as racketeering, if the US’s RICO statutes were to be applied in India most of the leadership of the current ruling dispensation as well as a big chunk of the media would be in jail.


  7. allwyn Wednesday July 11, 2012 / 1:03 am


    I have a position on why BJP protested FDI in retail – the one reform we were going to have! The congress is under attack from all sides so BJP didn’t want it to deliver anything useful just 2 yrs before 2014 polls. FDI in retail may not have had major effects maybe but it would have given india some benefits in terms of jobs etc which the BJP did not want to come from the UPA at this point – the result a party supporting 100% FDI when it was in power comes out on streets yelling about kiraana shops!


  8. sony Wednesday July 25, 2012 / 9:50 am

    We are easily carried away by the superficial information that we get from the magazines&news papers and we start blaming the person who laid foundation pillars for the developing India . It is the same MANMOHAN SINGH who is instrumental for 1990 economic reforms through which narendra modi is doing business now and it is the same man who is responsible for the privatized,liberalized and globalized India it is because of him only we are able to access to so many brands& varieties and at reasonable price and if we are blaming him for the policy paralysis it is not his mistake it is because of non supporting coalitions because of their self interests and if we are calling him puppet of some one then it is our fault we are allowing same family to rule our country since independence we are not interested in considering others leave alone considering others half of the population is not interested in voting itself then how can we expect someone to be perfect and do everything


  9. Santosh Monday July 30, 2012 / 4:15 pm

    @Sony, You are ignorant of facts. Economic reforms of 1990 were drafted by Dr Subramanian Swamy and implemented with the political backing of then PM Narasimha Rao through a chaparasi babu call Scam-Mohan Singh.

    Watch from 2:00 minutes to 6 minutes of this video

    Scam-Mohan Singh stinks!
    Scam-Moahan Singh is a gadha, lucha, loafer, desh-drohi…


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