Now you can read this in Italian!

Finally something connected to this blog that the Italian Madam in Delhi will approve of. Good news for all Italians in India and around the world: Bernardo Parrella, editor of “Voci Globali: il meglio della blogosfera internazionale” wrote to say that this blog will be part of their “best of international blogosphere.” Continue reading “Now you can read this in Italian!”

Difficulty Registering on this Blog?

I notice that many readers who have attempted to register on this blog for commenting, are unable to complete the process. If you are one of them, please drop me a note at atanudey at

Also, please check your spam folder for the email that is sent by the system for verification of the user email. Thanks.

A Brief Introduction to RISC

I had been pondering India’s rural development for a while before I signed up as a Reuters Fellow at Stanford University in Sept 2001. As a Reuters fellow, I developed a model for catalyzing India’s rural development. I called it RISC — for “Rural Infrastructure & Services Commons”. Later, Vinod Khosla and I co-authored the concept paper. This is a short version introducing the why, what, how of RISC.
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New Commenting System

Today I installed a new commenting system — IntenseDebate. Therefore now you really don’t have to register to comment; you can just comment as “guest.” Also it allows you to get email updates of followup comments to the post or even the entire blog. But there are some things that need to be ironed out. For instance, I notice that some genuine comments are ending up in the spam queue even though before they would have gotten through. In any case, do give me feedback on this change. Also, if you comment and you see that the comment is not showing up, please drop me a note atanudey at gmail. Cheers!

Update: (1 PM IST)

There were problems with the intensedebate commenting. Some comments were not getting through. So for now we are back to square one and the commenting system will be as before. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OpenThread: Your turn to speak

It’s been a while since we had an open thread for readers to give feedback. So here’s an opportunity for you if you have something to say. I have never deleted any comment merely because I don’t agree with an opinion. The only time I delete comments is when it is clearly spam, totally irrelevant or is abusive.

Say what you will. And stop lurking.

The “About” Page is Done

You know it took me only five years to get around to writing the “About” page. I think you should all read it and post comments.


Right now it only has a brief bio. I will add a photo and some links later. Thanks for visiting. Also, consider this to be an open comments post. Say what you will.

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