A Brief Introduction to RISC

I had been pondering India’s rural development for a while before I signed up as a Reuters Fellow at Stanford University in Sept 2001. As a Reuters fellow, I developed a model for catalyzing India's rural development. I called it RISC -- for "Rural Infrastructure & Services Commons". Later, Vinod Khosla and I co-authored the … Continue reading A Brief Introduction to RISC

Lee Kuan Yew on PURA

In an article in the Business Line titled "Kalam's PURA will not work," Lee Kuan Yew makes the case for urbanization of the population for India to develop. Singapore, Oct 10: Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor, Singapore, on Friday said the PURA model advocated by the former Indian President, Mr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, will … Continue reading Lee Kuan Yew on PURA

Planning Com’s No to PURA

The Planning Commission has recommended that PURA–Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas–be dropped from the Ministry of Rural Development’s Centrally sponsored schemes, the Pioneer reports. (Hat tip: Pranav Kumar Vasishta.) I have argued against PURA because it makes no economic sense. However I suspect that the recommendation will be overturned and money will be wasted … Continue reading Planning Com’s No to PURA

Marshall Plan for India?

Well, well, well, what have we here? (Hey, that would make a good site: http://www.whathavewehere.com) "Vinod Khosla's Marshall Plan for rural India" is the subtitle of a "How the World Works" article by Andrew Leonard on Salon.com. I must admit that the article is very well written. Here are some excerpts, for the record:The daily … Continue reading Marshall Plan for India?

Journey to Kanpur — Part 2

Gates of IITK It takes nearly two hours by road to get from the Lucknow airport (Kanpur does not have an airport) to the IIT campus in Kalyanpur outside Kanpur city limits. The road is fairly good by Indian standards and just before entering Kanpur city, it crosses the wide expanse of the river Ganga. … Continue reading Journey to Kanpur — Part 2