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If you are one of the three people who regularly read this blog, please pardon the lack of posts the last few days. I finished my brief stint at ISB in Hyderabad and now I am back in Pune after a brief stop-over in Mumbai.

Mumbai was unbearably hot and humid and Pune is pretty much the same but a lot less humid. I dread the next couple of months — especially so since I am sure that every day there will be hours of power cuts. Makes you think: shouldn’t they first try to provide reliable electrical power to its handful of cities — or maybe even just its major cities — first before making promises of bringing broadband connectivity to all its 600,000 villages? Or perhaps attempt to equip each of its schools with a basic blackboard and chalk before promising laptops?

A BBC TV crew stopped by the office to have a chat with me about economic policy after the next coalition government takes charge following the elections. The program will air a week from today in the India business report segment.

Anyway, blogging will resume shortly. In the meanwhile, consider this an open thread. Say what you will. Keep in touch but remember that twitter is evil.

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4 thoughts on “Meta Post

  1. Hi Atanu

    Did you teach a class (as a teacher, rather than TA) before this? i would like to know about your experience, esp regarding 1) students’ motivation 2) attitude 3) ISB’s pattern (approach) to teaching 4) comparison with Berkeley or elsewhere…




    Rahul Gandhi appears to have been economical with the truth on his affidavit while filing his election nomination papers in Amethi this weekend.

    In the affidavit, he states that he obtained an MPhil from Trinity College of the University of Cambridge, UK, in 1995, in Developmental Economics. A certificate from the University shows that not only has he got dates wrong, he has even got the name of the course he took incorrect.

    And this man is being projected as India’s future PM? Buh!!


  3. Antanu – Read your article in Prgati on Education.

    Do you think vouchers make sense for education in India. For me it makes perfect sense. Are there any pitfalls in voucher scheme.
    Has it worked properly in conditions which are like that of India.

    Any other alternatives apart from Vouchers.



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