I have been working on an idea for the last few months. I call it “The Beginning of Superabundance” (the title being a hat-tip to David Deutsch’s book, “The Beginning of Infinity.”) There’s something incredible in the works for the world of only a couple of decades hence. That world will be as different from our world today as our world is different from the world of our stone age ancestors. Our ancestors of even a few hundred years ago could not have imagined the marvels — they really are marvels if you think about it — of our world today. Similarly, it is impossible for us to imagine the world of superabundance in any detail but the broad outlines can be guessed provided one thinks intelligently about it.

The future world is being built by a bunch of very remarkable people. The guy who is the leader of that lot is Elon Musk. There have been extremely rich people, extremely visionary people, extremely intelligent people, extremely diligent people, extremely ambitious people but it’s a rare individual — perhaps one in a billion — who combines all those extreme qualities. Musk is that one in a billion.

I have been studiously following the news about Musk and his companies. YouTube is an inexhaustible source for up to the minute reporting on the subject. Over the next few days, I will post a few links to what I find so exciting about Musk’s insanely ambitious ideas. Here’s one to get started.

Oh by the way, Jeff Bezos is acting like Jeff Bozos. More on that later.

2 thoughts on “Superabundance

  1. baransam1 Sunday August 29, 2021 / 11:25 am

    Curious to hear about the Jeff Bezos part. Looking forward to it. In general, I am a fan of people who create visible wealth. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates…


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