Saturday Song – Play it Again

I would suffocate and die if I didn’t listen to music for a few hour every day. Here’s what I am listening to right now. 

Nice, ain’t it? It’s from the movie 1974 “The Tamarind Seed.” The Tamarind SeedHere’s the poster for the movie. Blake Edwards was the director, the same guy who directed the Pink Panther series of movies starring the incomparable Peter Sellers. About “The Tamarind Seed” this site says that it was “the second of seven films made with Julie Andrews (born Julia Elizabeth Wells) by Blake Edwards since his marriage to her in November, 1969.”

It goes on to say that it “was based on the 1971 book by Evelyn Anthony, faithfully adopted for the screen by Blake Edwards, effecting modifications on the geographical details of the romantic storyline from Washington, D.C/New York to Paris/London and supplementing with scenes such as the action sequence at the London Heathrow Airport. The Tamarind Seed featured a contemporary love story with spy elements of the Cold War.”

Omar Sharif is a favorite. He’s appeared in a wonderful Western “Mackenna’s Gold” which had the other favorite actor Gregory Peck. And talking of Oman Sharif, you must watch “Lawrence of Arabia.” It’s one of those movies that appears in every top 100 list of best movies ever. It was made 60 years ago. Here’s the trailer for it.

At 3 hours 47 minutes long, it’s an epic bears repeated watching. Here’s the bit that always gets me:

Go watch that movie.



Author: Atanu Dey


One thought on “Saturday Song – Play it Again”

  1. Thanks for the excellent post.
    Peter O’ Toole is one of the best and Lawrence of Arabia was the brilliant film that made him..
    Here is an advert in which he sums up his life…. Typically self deprecating and English…. He was greatly admired in Britain….

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