Yuri Bezmenov Warned the World

Yuri Bezmenov 2Two things bring the KGB propaganda expert Yuri Bezmenov (1939 – 1993) to mind — the pandemic and the progressive/woke movement in the US.

He attended elite schools in the USSR. He was trained as an expert in Indian culture and Indian languages. As a KGB agent, he worked in India from 1963 to 1965, and then again from 1969. In February 1970, he was supposed to go watch a movie in a Delhi theater with two of his colleagues. He never showed up at the movie. Instead, he put on a hippie disguise and escaped to Athens, Greece.

Eventually, he ended up in the US, as one would naturally expect. And as you’d expect, he was a strong critic of the Soviet system. More than that, his explanation of what subversion is, and how it works, is important for us to understand what’s happening now. It’s fascinating that once you understand some basic principles, a lot of the world makes sense.

I present a couple of videos of his from 1983-84. They are long. Here’s a test to figure out if you should watch them at all. If you find the following quote interesting, you’d love the videos. 

“[T]he useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists. Forget about these political prostitutes. Aim higher. […] They serve a purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in the United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation. When their job is completed, they are not needed any more. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power—obviously they get offended—they think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. They will be lined up against the wall and shot.”

In the West, he used the pseudonym Tomas Schuman.

The next is an interview.

I close with a statement Bezmenov made to Americans. 

People all over the Earth whether they praise America or bitterly criticize her, look upon you as the only hope for mankind’s survival and the last stronghold of freedom. Some may not think in these idealistic terms, but they certainly enjoy the fruits of your civilization often forgetting to be grateful for them.

Freedom appears to be slipping away from “the last stronghold of freedom.”


Author: Atanu Dey


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