Course Announcement – How the World Works

I am offering an online 10-week course titled “How the world works – an introduction.” The course will be on zoom for one hour every week on Friday at 9 PM IST (10:30 AM Eastern) starting Jan 15th. Homework will be announced a week in advance of class. Click the link (pdf) above for details.

Cancel Culture — Salem Witch Trials Redux

Freedom of speech and expression is the indispensable foundation of a society of free individuals. Civilization cannot long survive without it any more than it can survive without food. As Rowan Atkinson so eloquently argued in his defense of free speech, it is the second most essential thing; the first being food in your mouth and the third being a roof over your head. I am afraid that the trend has not been good in that sphere and it is imperative that we fight for our freedoms. The mindless collective is the greatest threat humanity faces, not climate change or even total nuclear war. Continue reading “Cancel Culture — Salem Witch Trials Redux”

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