AMA — October Edition

So what’s on your mind? Here are a few random pictures for your entertainment. The relative frequency of English words used:

Last weekend I drove a friend’s Tesla. It beats gas-engine cars hollow. It has everything that cars 50 years ago did not have — except for the “Electric fuel injection” since it only had an electric motor, and not a IC engine.

Nehru was a dick. The apple did not roll far from the tree, either. Father and daughter congratulated themselves by awarding themselves a Bharat Ratna. That tells you what a Bharat Ratna is worth.

I am a big fan of Lord Acton.

He should have also said, “Advice to persons about to re-write history: Don’t.”

Kingfishers are notorious for breaking the law. Or maybe they can’t read. Either way, here’s proof.

I once estimated that I have spent more than a month on board the Boeing B-747. It’s my favorite plane. Here’s a picture of the Queen of the Skies on her inauguration 58 years ago almost to the day — Sept 30th, 1968. Since then, Boeing has built over 1,500 of those beauties.

(Original Caption) Everett, Washington: The world’s largest jetliner, the Boeing 747, is rolled out for public view. The $20 million plane, which will carry 490 passengers will be delivered to airlines starting in Oct. 1969. It weighs 700,000 pounds and has 10-abreast seating and staterooms.

In the caption above, it says the plane cost $20 million. That was then. Now, nearly 60 years later, the price can be as high as $400 million. Sadly, the 747 production is going to stop.

Well, that’s it for now. Ask me anything. (I will continue the series on education in a bit.)

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  1. Some random and slightly-connected queries:

    How far shall we go to ‘correct’ historical wrongs? (Shall India reclaim Krishna janma-bhoomi, Kashi Vishwanath)
    How to ensure that vandalism by a religion is not forgotten at the altar of political correctness?
    Is it necessary to retain historical wrong in collective memory?
    Is teaching history necessary?
    If yes, what shall be the proper way of teaching history?


  2. I guess you are an airplane aficionado and hence these queries. These are very specific queries. Feel free to skip. I just wanted to check in case you have some answers/link handy:

    Around 1942, one of the flights that used to connect Calcutta and Delhi was Douglas Double Engine. Was it DC2 or DC3?
    How did they justify the cost as there were only 14 passengers in a DC2?
    Was “flying-fortress” and “liberator” ever used for civil aviation in India?

    Interesting information for interested:
    – In 1942, Calcutta airport was still Dumdum, the same one as today.

    Delhi airport was Willingdon-airport. Now defunct.
    Planes used to stop in Bamrauli (Allahabad) for passenger breakfast!
    Dumdum to Willingdon was 6-7 hours. Not sure whether 1 hour breakfast break in Bamrauli was inclusive.

    PS: The question and information, all are courtesy the Bengali Novel ‘Drishtipaat (দৃষ্টিপাত)’, published in 1943. It possibly still holds the record for fastest selling book in India with highest number of editions in a month. Gifting books was (and still is) a popular option in Bengal. There used to be printed requests on invitation cards “দয়া করে দৃষ্টিপাত দেবেন না”


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