Sometimes Being Right is Depressing

I’ve been reading the archives of this blog the last couple of weeks. The goal is to extract and aggregate some useful bits to make some ideas accessible to those who don’t have the time to read a random collection of irregularly posted articles.

Crawling through the archives is tiring. It’s time consuming too. But some of the posts are quite reasonable and many have aged well. A few are quite insightful. It’s a learning experience f0r me. Here’s one that struck me as very prescient. It’s from just a month after Modi took over India’s government in May 2014. Quote:

If the first month sets the tone for the remaining, I am afraid that significant needed changes will not happen. Good to have a sincere, hardworking, nationalistic leader. That was a needed change. But sincerity, diligence and nationalism — while necessary — are not sufficient. What is needed is the vision and determination to formulate policies that are consistent with the fundamental principles of good governance and economic prosperity.

Here’s hoping for some fundamental change.

“I am afraid that significant needed changes will not happen.” Too bad my fears were well-founded and turned out to be true. I hate being right when I predict doom and gloom.

Tomorrow I will answer the question I posed a few days ago.

Author: Atanu Dey


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