PM Modi’s Letter on Completion of 1 Month in Office

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote “A few thoughts as we complete a month in office.” I came across it in QUARTZ. QZ requested annotations. Someone named Vincent Lee did a fine job of summarizing the letter. Here are the annotations:

I’m your pal.

I love that people love me.
My job is hard.
But I have confidence in myself.
I like my new colleagues, here’s hoping we’ll get on.
Here’s also hoping the state heads will get along with me.
Did I mention my job is hard? I can use some slack…
Let’s remember how bad the previous dynasty was.
I’ll be using that memory as a mandate.
Thanks again for loving me, you won’t be disappointed.

If the first month sets the tone for the remaining, I am afraid that significant needed changes will not happen. Good to have a sincere, hardworking, nationalistic leader. That was a needed change. But sincerity, diligence and nationalism — while necessary — are not sufficient. What is needed is the vision and determination to formulate policies that are consistent with the fundamental principles of good governance and economic prosperity.

Here’s hoping for some fundamental change.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “PM Modi’s Letter on Completion of 1 Month in Office”

  1. Atanu, I am in the thick of things. Some people are beginning to irritate now. Here is what I wrote today about a recent development……
    “Our Doctor health minister’s view is no different from what has been consistently held by the pope of Vatican and the Patrons of Islam, VIZ. Just DO it. DONT Talk. Its improper. Talking about sex is immoral. Lets only talk culture, tradition and great Indian values, quietly rape the goats and pretend to be a saint ?

    BULLSHIT. This is absolutely retrograde.

    Paternalism CAN have NO place in a progressive society.

    Are we progressive or anywhere close by any sense of the word ?”


  2. @loknathrao:disqus
    Can you please explain what statement of Harshvardhan has angered you? Times-of-India talks in innuendos. It seems they picked up something from 2007-2008 blog of Harshvardhan. Harshvardhan has clarified that he is not against sex education but wants a different-way of imparting it. I could not get any more details about Harshvardhan’s stand.
    Do you have the details?


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