This Policy, Alone

And now for the big reveal that is the answer to the post “A Policy Question” I had posed. That policy is simply this: Make the education sector absolutely free-market. I will attempt to justify why this simple policy change meets all the criteria I had listed.

A few people have responded to me privately and some have posted public comments to that post. Reader baransam1 replied “stop funding government schools.” Close but not quite, as it will become clear later. Sri suggested “currency should be pegged.” That may or may not be a positive. I don’t understand monetary policy and don’t have any confidence in macroeconomic policies. Aks rambled for a bit but in some sense came close to the policy I recommend. He wrote, “We need to free education from government.” Good job. My friend APD too reached a similar position. Continue reading “This Policy, Alone”


I confess to a digression from the usual here and that I am indeed avoiding writing about that policy question I asked. But give me a break, will you! I promise that I will get to it tomorrow.

Here’s what’s on my mind — MRCA or “Most Recent Common Ancestor.” The question is how recent is the most recent common ancestor to all contemporary humans today? Beyond a certain time in the past, all of us have all our ancestors in common — going back all the way to three or four billion years. The question is restricted to our most recent common ancestor. Continue reading “MRCA”

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