Black Lies Matter

The US is going through some harrowing times. The movement called “Black Lives Matter” is doing what it set out to do: sow social discord. The lies they tell — about institutionalized racism — are easy to believe. Good thing is that even a cursory examination of the evidence shows that racism is not a problem any longer.

The problems that the US faces is not the subject of this blog. But it’s good to have a reasonable understanding of the problems that American blacks face. The bad news is that the wounds blacks in the US suffer is largely self-inflicted. The really bad news is that blacks don’t have leadership. It’s not that blacks don’t have good thought leaders; it that they invariably choose the bad guys.

Alright, here’s Larry Elder, a black conservative, talking about his documentary — Uncle Tom. Watch. I bet the time you spend is well worth it.

Author: Atanu Dey


One thought on “Black Lies Matter”

  1. What an insensitive headline! While I am an admirer of his sharp views on economic thought and behavior, it is evident that Dey neither has the sensitivity or empathy nor the intellect to appreciate the problems of the black community, which he is clearly prejudiced. Regardless of the merits of the views in the video, clearly it is not the whole story. Not sure what black leadership is he talking about as if blacks are some sheep blindly following advice of some dumb leaders. Never mind that his own foul leader (incidentally I have seldom seen Dey uttering anything negative about the most incompetent, asinine and disgusting POTUS , the leader of the great whites , whom Dey seem to admire.
    Dey seem to be completely oblivious of the inherent and systemic racism and prejudices that blacks face everyday. He routinely trivializes it with inane observations like “I follow rules and I have never got a ticket in 25 years” – It doesnt take a genius to figure out that what he implcitly means is blacks and lazy and incompetent, and everything is fine and well and blacks only have themselves to blame.
    Does he even know or care about the continued slavery known as the prison industrial complex and that blacks are incarcerated many more times for the same offences, his dear white also commit?
    Does he know how blacks are treated like dirt by the police? Has he bloody watched George Flyod’s live execution video? Has he fucking commented even once on it ?
    Such hypocrisy and stinking bigotry. He looks down upon blacks. He even rubbished the distinguished black physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on his twitter timeline.
    Enough said.
    Overall so disappointing that the cream of our IITians in some ways end up as useful idiots for the Republican Party propaganda as brown folks eager to show they are more white than the whites themselves.


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