The Truth about Institutionalized Racism

This lady says that all lives matter, not only when a white person kills a black person. Where is the outrage when blacks kill blacks in the US, she asks. She calls out the white people as racists. Watch:

This is not consistent with the dominant narrative of institutionalized racism. Also watch this video. YouTube will probably take it down soon. 

One thought on “The Truth about Institutionalized Racism

  1. rcwpacct2019 Saturday June 6, 2020 / 7:31 pm

    Everyone should listen to the other normal AA voices also. In this video Candace Owens shares her view point and some details.
    Leftists have pretty much hijacked the discourse and any rational thought has been thrown out. Its a sad state of affairs
    On the bright side, corona is over (at least according to CNN as they arent fearmongering on Corona anymore, they have found a shinier object)

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