The Climate Change Debate — Oh no, not again!

If you are not worried about the climate change hoax, you are not paying attention. It’s the biggest scam that’s going around.

In a previous post I proposed that a simple test of the super loser — having a facebook account. Here’s another simple test to figure out if you’re a super retard. You might be a redneck super retard if you believe in the currently fashionable tripe about climate change.

The stand-up comedian Jeff Foxworthy (a proud descendant of a long line of rednecks) defines a redneck as someone “with a glorious lack of sophistication.”[1] I define a super retard as one with a glorious inability to competently arrive at conclusions that evidence and reason compel. My sincere advice to you is to not be a super retard (although being a simple retard is still acceptable.) Continue reading “The Climate Change Debate — Oh no, not again!”

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