A Bit of Fry

I confess that I am a youtube glutton. If ever there was a reason for my lack of progress at work, it’s youtube. But as they say, wasting time doing what is fun is not a waste of time. There are hundreds of topics that interest me, and scores of amazing people whose videos I simply love. Too many musicians, thinkers, teachers, and on and on. One of those people is Stephen Fry. He’s funny, wise, interesting, a brilliant raconteur and an

amazing debater.

One of my favorites is where Stephen Fry opposes the motion “The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World.” in an Intelligence2 debate. It’s 20 minutes of sheer delight. The man’s eloquence is breathtaking. Watch. 

Hitchens and Fry. They were an awesome force of nature. I pity the opposing team.

Author: Atanu Dey


One thought on “A Bit of Fry”

  1. I saw all of the 20 min video by Mr. Fry. He doesn’t mince words. Kudos. I remember once Bill Maher saying that he would like to see Catholic church destroyed during his life time. It is atrocious that a religious organization is so lax on its own sexual mores. For whatever reason the Church does not answer or targets its critics. That is a plus for it. After listening to many court cases against the Catholic clergy, I wonder how any one will be a member there. Then I am an outsider. Full disclosure, I had my undergraduate education in an institution run by catholic Jesuits. Life goes on.


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