Ask me anything – The disclaimers edition

Summary Sky Map comes with no warranties! If you choose to use it to navigate the high seas and you hit an iceberg, it's your responsibility. If you tell your kids that the bright thing in the sky is Jupiter and it turns out to be a UFO and you are subsequently kidnapped by aliens … Continue reading Ask me anything – The disclaimers edition

Human Population

In a comment to a previous post, Happy 4th of July, Akshar wrote, "in 1789 George Washington became the first democratic president of such a large nation directly at odds with the largest empire on earth." What caught my attention were the words "large nation" and "democratic." Today when we talk of large nations, we … Continue reading Human Population

Happy Fourth of July

July 4th is generally observed as the "independence" day of the United States of America -- and deservedly so. However, people usually wish each other "Happy 4th of July" and not "Happy Independence Day" (as they usually do in India instead of saying "Happy 15th of August.") For Americans, July 4th is special. On that … Continue reading Happy Fourth of July