Mamata Banerjee is a Retard

Sorry that I have to disturb the serene silence of this blog with a rant against the Islamist chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Begum (or whatever her Arabic name is.) As this is a family-friendly blog, let me put it as politely as I can: she’s a f**king retard. And what’s more, the people of Bengal who support her are bigger effing retards than she is. What provoked me? Here’s her tweet:

Air India is the jewel of our nation? Are you effing kidding me? Is it just ignorance or stupidity (perhaps both) that the average Indian who is not ever likely to set foot in an airplane has been forced (at the point of a gun) to pay for the incompetency of those who run Air India? Is she that abysmally stupid and/or heartless that she wants Air India to continue bleeding the poor of India, while the politicians and bureaucrats and their hanger-ons use Air India as their private FREE airline?

I am more than normal mad at this insanity. Let me explain. The last couple of times I traveled to India, I chose to fly Air India. It wasn’t pretty. The planes were old (Boeing 777s), the seats falling apart, the toilets were filthy, the food was marginal, the in-flight entertainment system did not work at most seats, and the overall experience was sad. Only half the business class seats were occupied, and I suspect that half of the passengers were traveling business class on free tickets as family members of employees of Air India.

Now there is talk of the government partly privatizing Air India. With its Rs 50,000 crores of accumulated losses, I doubt anyone would be interested in buying even part of Air India. But I am certain that Modi will figure out some excuse for not selling the expensive POS. He’s not stupid. The people are stupid but he’s not stupid.

Anyway, Mamata Begum (or Mumtaz Mohammed or whatever her name is after conversion) is a cretin. She has to be because only cretins convert to that religion.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. All things aside, I’d request you to kindly not go against a particular religion. Otherwise, I agree with the sale of Air India. I recently had a flight from Kerela to New Delhi and the entertainment system didn’t work properly. Anyhow, my brother who was in the next seat had it functional but there were no headphones. So, he, me, my mom and my father pressed the button for a flight attendant to come and listen.
    Even after multiple presses, nobody bothered to attend. And then my brother decided to make a video out of it, and this is when she appeared. Grabbed his phone seeing that their “decent” practices are being recorded, and threatened him that she’ll sue him for recording a woman without her consent. The co-pilot appeared after a heated argument and his statement was the same, to delete it and save yourself from the problems. As if it was some sort of voyeur recording.

    I’m aware of Indian laws prohibiting recording without consent, but just if you’d have any idea, are we also prohibited from recording somebody’s unfair practices while he/she is on duty and in uniform? Considering that our legal system has problems if police arrest a woman at night, I’m not very hopeful.

    Not to forget that many were complaining about the choice of food provided, the 30 mins delay (post landing) before we were allowed out of the plane.

    However, one thing to be concerned about is that if we follow a similar practice of selling off the stake, we’ll be at a place where all public enterprises will be controlled by private parties. BSNL is another prospective candidate, after PNB scam the public banks do not make sense to exits, the govt jobs are overpaid everywhere, Indian Railways might also be a candidate for the sale of the stake. I guess selling off stake is also just a temporary solution. At the end of the day, we do need public enterprises as well which work under the government. There’s a reason why recently the Finnish Govt invested in Nokia and increased its stake in it. Domestic ownership is also very important. By disinvesting in PSUs, the govt reduces its sources of earning. Surviving everything on tax collection shouldn’t ever be the goal of a government. So, can’t they just work harder on improving the efficiency of public enterprises instead of just selling them off? If not, the “Na khaunga, na khane doonga” and “Chowkidaar” type dialogues fail apart.

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    1. Opinions differ on whether the Indian government is required/qualified/justified in running businesses at immense loss to the Indian taxpayers. I believe it is criminal for the government to engage in commercial activities, more so if all it achieves is the destruction of public wealth. All arguments in favor of the government being in business are bad.


    1. Like minded liberals of bong land who hides under his mom’s pallu when he’s supposed to face the world. No wonder why bengalis are the reason of their own downfall. Dig your own grave mister cuz you ain’t going to be cremated!


    1. Like every other person anywhere, Subramanian Swamy is not perfect. But on balance, he does more good than bad. I have my reservations about him but still I think he is good at what he does.


  2. You could have perhaps spared the dignity of the little girl in picture at the top of the article by not associating her with this article.


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