Spreading the Message about Maino aka Sonia Gandhi

Spotted on the (information) highway. For those of you who don’t read Hindi, it reads (not a literal translation) “Sonia Gandhi, you are a disgrace & a shame.” Someone inform Diggy Raja.

Author: Atanu Dey


9 thoughts on “Spreading the Message about Maino aka Sonia Gandhi”

  1. My concern is with the idea that “tera muh kala” is being used as an insult. Contemporary India is obsessed with white skin and this is one of the many subtle ways in which we tell our dark-skinned brothers and sisters that they are somehow worth less than those with less melanin in their skin. I fully understand this is a commonly used idiom but we need to move away from such problematic idioms.

    Also if your counterargument is going to be that dark-skinned people are not a race, I will just point out that modern view of race is that it is just a social construct and has no biological basis. So dark-skinned people are as much of a race as any other “traditional race”. I am happy to provide references if needed and this is an easily googleable point.


  2. Pramod,

    Sorry but your whole argument falls apart, I guess you are not a native hindi speaker, muh kala karna does not refer to color of skin, it means performing a disgraceful or shameful act.

    Literal meaning is “Painting your face black” / “Smoke in your face”. Though I am not an etymologist, I guess the origin of the phrase might have something to do with getting ones face black while cooking/using fire(using firewood).


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