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Atanu's Soup
Atanu's Soup

If you have not checked out My Soup, it is time you did. It’s a tremendous waste of time but fun. (Most waste of time has to be fun otherwise why would anyone waste time?) While there, you must listen to Maria de Barros singing “Nha Mundo.” Pay attention to the sax in the background.

Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi is #4 “Richest Politicians”

Business Insider has a short feature, “Meet The 23 Richest Politicians In The World“, and Dr Manmohan Singh’s boss, Ms Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi is listed as the 4th richest with wealth estimated between US$2-19 billion. This must have given Kapil Sibal and Digvijaya Singh the conniptions, and I am sure that it lends more weight to Dr Subramanian Swamy’s charges against AM aka SG. I am of course thrilled and here’s why.
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Indian court orders “compulsory license” of Bayer’s cancer drug

This opens up an interesting can of worms. But first, here are some excerpts from the Huffington Post article “India Cancer Ruling Opens Door For Cheaper Drugs”:
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Stealing is a Bad Thing — Part 9

The disparity in the wealth and poverty of nations is starkly evident and has been a perpetual source of puzzlement and inquiry for centuries. Why do some nations languish in heartbreaking poverty while others prosper? Is there a poverty trap that some fall into accidentally and are unable to get out of without external help? Can they be helped, and if so, how?
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