The “No True Scotsman” Fallacy

Now that this fallacy has been making the rounds since the demise of Mr Osama bin Laden, as a public service, please remember to pass this on to the pointy-headed idiot who declared that Osama bin Laden was not a leader of Muslims.
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$10 billion US Military Aid for Pakistan

For having helped (yeah right) the US find and kill Osama bin Laden, the US will give $10 billion in military aid to Pakistan. This is a prediction. Hillary Clinton and her boss will make sure that happens. That aid will help keep India poor by forcing India to buy even more weapons of mass destruction. (Weapons of mass destruction — meaning that buying them forces a few millions of Indians die of starvation.)

The Price of Leaked Exam Papers

The price of leaked AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) in Uttar Pradesh is reportedly Rs 6 lakhs (around US$13.5k). Around 1.2 million high school students compete for 27,000 seats in a specific set of engineering colleges across India. That’s an admission rate of 2.25 percent. That 2.25 percent explains the price of the leaked exam question papers. The bigger story is worth recounting. It’s a story of shortage, corruption and government control. It’s the story of India, in short.
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Rajiv Malhotra’s book, “Breaking India”

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Islamic terrorism started with Osama bin Laden if one were to go by what the US politicians claim and what the media reports. But India has had the unwanted attention of the proselytizing faiths, Islam and Christianity, for centuries hell bent (to use an expression) on converting the infidels into their bloody ideologies. Terrorism is one of the tactics that people motivated by these ideologies have routinely used — although that fact does not get too much play since much of the media (and in many cases the governments of states) is controlled by the institutions founded on those monotheistic faiths. India is perhaps the oldest victim of religious terrorism and it continues to bleed copiously from it even today. India’s civilizational struggle is certainly the longest ongoing war the world has ever suffered — and it goes on only because India is still not totally vanquished. It survives but the prospects are not very good.
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