Rajiv Malhotra’s book, “Breaking India”

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Islamic terrorism started with Osama bin Laden if one were to go by what the US politicians claim and what the media reports. But India has had the unwanted attention of the proselytizing faiths, Islam and Christianity, for centuries hell bent (to use an expression) on converting the infidels into their bloody ideologies. Terrorism is one of the tactics that people motivated by these ideologies have routinely used — although that fact does not get too much play since much of the media (and in many cases the governments of states) is controlled by the institutions founded on those monotheistic faiths. India is perhaps the oldest victim of religious terrorism and it continues to bleed copiously from it even today. India’s civilizational struggle is certainly the longest ongoing war the world has ever suffered — and it goes on only because India is still not totally vanquished. It survives but the prospects are not very good.

India is shrinking. But what do we mean by “India”? India is of course a “state” and a “country.” The word also refers to the “nation” of India. The modern Indian state is a political entity which attained political independence in 1947 but that does not mean that India did not exist before that date. European culture and ethnicity, to take a parallel, existed long before the political states that are European countries of today existed.

A nation is a group of people who share culture, ethnicity, language and/or territory. . . A nation is not necessarily equated with country in that a country is akin to a state which is defined as the political entity within defined borders. Although “nation” is also commonly used in informal discourse as a synonym for state or country, a nation is not identical to a state. Countries where the social concept of “nation” coincides with the political concept of “state” are called nation states. [Wiki, Nation.]

The Indian nation has been shrinking for centuries. Look at the map. Or I should say look at a series of maps. Afghanistan, for instance, was a Buddhist nation and to that extent it was part of the Indic nation. Today it is a wasteland. It was conquered a few centuries ago. The land that is Pakistan today was part of that Indic civilization. It was formally chopped off in 1947 but the fate of that part of the world was sealed with the Islamic invasion of those parts. To the east, Malaysia and Indonesia are rapidly Islamizing.

If, as has been observed by many that demographics determine borders, then it should not come as a surprise that India has been shrinking because the most striking demographic change — conversion of people of Indic faiths to Islam and Christianity — is occurring for centuries. And once that demographic transition takes place, the new entity carved out of India becomes a sworn enemy intent on destroying India. Remember that Pakistanis are the descendants of people of Indic civilization who were converted to Islam. Today’s converts will in due course also take up arms against their former cultural and ethnic relatives. It will not be too long before some of the eastern Indian states will seek secession because their demographics — 100 percent Christian — would dictate different borders.

India has been shrinking and will continue to do so. Remembering that change is a fundamental feature of the universe, it is unreasonable to expect no change. But not all change is an improvement, and some change imposes immense suffering. The suffering that Islamization imposes on the population is heartbreaking, of course. Even worse, in a globalized world, the suffering of Islamic nations is quickly transmitted — often amplified — to non-Muslims. Islam claims universal domain and thus imposes suffering universally, whether you live in an Islamic country or not, whether you are a Muslim or not.

Islam’s older relative, Christianity, also caused untold suffering around the world for centuries. The natives of many countries in the Americas paid with rivers of blood and tears. Anyone even remotely familiar with the history of civilization is aware of the bloody history of those two monotheistic faiths. Samuel Huntington has pointed out Islam’s bloody borders — and innards — and he is just one of many who have argued that it is a clash of civilizations.

My central concern is suffering and how to reduce it. From that flows my interest in India’s economic growth and development. India accounts for a huge chunk of humanity and if we can do something to make India more materially prosperous, we have a shot at reducing human suffering. One of the things we have to guard against is the Islamization of India. Analytically you can argue that the Islamization of a population would be immiserizing (meaning “to increase misery”, to borrow a word from Jagadish Bhagwati) but the empirical evidence is so overwhelming that we need not tax our analytical faculties.

I don’t care what sky-daddy people believe in as long as they keep their beliefs to themselves and follow the dictates of their sky-daddy in the privacy of their own home. But if they go around killing non-believers for imagined crimes against their sky-daddy, I am not going to stand for it. It is not Islam as an ideology that I am against but rather what people do under its influence that I am against.

We have a problem at hand. It is a complex problem, as opposed to a simple problem. A simple problem is one that you have and you know you have it. A complex problem is one which you have and you don’t know that you have a problem. To solve a complex problem you need to first make people aware of the problem, and only then can you propose and implement a solution.

India’s fight against the designs that institutions motivated by the destructive monotheistic ideologies requires people who address the more difficult part of the complex problem: waking up the people. Once people become sensitized to the need to fight the enemy, it will not be too hard to end the longest running war in the history of mankind.

First step is to educate ourselves. Let’s pay attention to what the smart guys are saying out of concern for the universal good. Take, for example, Mr Rajiv Malhotra and his book, “Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines” (co-author Aravindan Neekakandan.) We have understand the full scope of the problem before we can help with the solution. If we understand that bit, the next step will be trivially clear to us.

The rest of this blog post is about that book. All of 640 pages of carefully researched, cogently argued, heavily annotated and footnoted. First of all, it is a big fat book. You all know how I feel about big fat books. But you have to read it and do something with the understanding.

Here’s what the blurb says,

India’s integrity is being undermined by three global networks that have well-established operating bases inside India: (i) Islamic radicalism linked with Pakistan, (ii) Maoists and Marxist radicals supported by China via intermediaries such as Nepal, and (iii) Dravidian and Dalit identity separatism being fostered by the West in the name of human rights. This book focuses on the third: the role of U.S. and European churches, academics, think-tanks, foundations, government and human rights groups in fostering separation of the identities of Dravidian and Dalit communities from the rest of India. The book is the result of five years of research, and uses information obtained in the West about foreign funding of these Indian-based activities. The research tracked the money trails that start out claiming to be for “education,” “human rights,” “empowerment training,” and “leadership training,” but end up in programs designed to produce angry youths who feel disenfranchised from Indian identity. The book reveals how outdated racial theories continue to provide academic frameworks and fuel the rhetoric that can trigger civil wars and genocides in developing countries. The Dravidian movement’s 200-year history has such origins. Its latest manifestation is the “Dravidian Christianity” movement that fabricates a political and cultural history to exploit old faultlines. The book explicitly names individuals and institutions, including prominent Western ones and their Indian affiliates. Its goal is to spark an honest debate on the extent to which human rights and other “empowerment” projects are cover-ups for these nefarious activities. For more information, or to view videos about this book, visit http://www.breakingindia.com

Here’s a commentary by NS Rajaram on “Breaking India” explains why the book is important.


Authors of the just released book Breaking India allege that Christian organizations are engaged in a divisive program to expand in countries like India, Sri Lanka and other former colonies by creating and exploiting divisions. This shortsighted policy may seriously undermine war against terror.

N.S. Rajaram

The war against terror is not just India’s war or America’s war: it is a war of freedom against the spread of ideology of terror in the name of God. The West, America in particular, became aware of the threat only after 9/11 but India has been waging a war against Jihadi terror for over a thousand years. As a result no people in the world today have more knowledge and experience of fighting terror than the Indians. India and the West should be working together to defeat this menace. With countries in the strategically vital Middle East sliding into turmoil, solidarity with India becomes still more important: this is a fact not seriously disputed by any serious strategic thinker in the world

But curiously, some groups based in America and Europe are actively engaged in weakening Indian society by dividing its people into mutually hostile camps on the basis of tribe, cast and religion. It is part of an ideology and academic exercise promoted by evangelical Christian and so-called ‘human rights’ organizations in an effort to spread their influence and gain converts. Many human rights organizations are little more than secular fronts of various churches that have made inroads into the media and are now trying to gain control of sections of the government. All this is brought out with profuse documentation by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan in their just released book Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines (Amaryllis 2011).

Their strategy is based on creating and fanning resentments among so-called ‘minorities’— a continuation of the tactics used by bureaucrats, academics and missionaries during the colonial era. These minorities are often based on willful misrepresentation. To take an example, McDonalds is one of the world’s largest fast food chains. In the past decade or so it has begun setting up franchises in India, Sri Lanka and other countries. In India its presence is miniscule compared to local businesses in the restaurant businesses. But no one for that reason regards India’s McDonalds franchises as ‘small businesses’ that qualify for tax and other benefits. Take another example: GM makes and sells cars in India, but in numbers it is dwarfed by Indian automakers like Maruti, Tata and Mahindra. Yet no one sees GM as a small business.

But this is exactly the claim of Christian organizations like the Catholic, Anglican and evangelical churches. Even though they are multinational organizations that are much larger worldwide than any Hindu sect or organization, they insist on being treated as minorities and given special privileges in education, jobs and other areas. This is a central thesis of the just noted Breaking India by Malhotra and Neelakandan. The authors further point out that in a manner eerily similar to what happened in the century preceding the European colonization of India (and other countries), these Christian organizations and their academic and NGO affiliates are engaged in weakening the country to facilitate foreign domination. It is no accident that Church organizations enjoyed special privileges under British rule, many of which have continued after independence in the guise of ‘minority’ rights. Their activities today give the impression that they would like to see the return of colonial rule in some form.

Dividing people along tribal and ethnic lines has a long and sordid history. In India it took the form of a racial divide of Indians into two groups called Aryans and Dravidians. Science has fully discredited the notion of race while the British themselves have acknowledged their political motive by admitting that the so-called Aryan Invasion Theory “gave a historical precedent to justify the role and status of the British Raj, who could argue that they were transforming India for the better in the same way that the Aryans had done thousands of years earlier.” (BBC, October 6, 2005.)

In a speech at the British House of Commons in 1929, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin echoed the idea by claiming that God had told the British (presumably in English) to uplift the degraded Indian Aryans to their former heights through British rule. This is what came to be known as the White Man’s Burden in the phrase made famous by Rudyard Kipling. Neither Kipling nor Baldwin originated the idea: they borrowed it from the missionaries who claimed, and still claim that by accepting Jesus as savior, we can be saved from our sins since Jesus died for our sins. (This is an obvious incentive to sin as much as possible since we can save ourselves by converting on our deathbeds; if we don’t sin, Jesus will have died in vain.)

But missionaries and academics later went much further. They claimed that their (meaning the British) presence was necessary to correct the oppression of the ‘minority’ Dravidians by the ‘invading’ Aryans. The most influential figure in this development was Robert Caldwell, Bishop of Tirunelveli. The Google Encyclopedia describes him as: “a Colonial Era Evangelist Missionary who used native languages as a tool to proselytize the Colonized in Southern India. To aid his mission, he nativised Christianity by adopting a teleological approach to re-classify Indian languages inspired by scientific (sic: pseudo-scientific) racial theories that was popular amongst the European intellectuals in the 19th century. His works revolve around the missionary work in Tinnevelly (Thirunelveli) district in Tamil Nadu and it laid the theoretical foundation for the political and academic ‘revivalist’ movement that came to dominate Dravidian nationalism in Tamil Nadu and racial polarization in Sri Lanka.”

This polarization led to the church-sponsored LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka that ended only with its total defeat. In India it led to the Dravidian faultline—as the authors term it—that sustains Dravidian politics especially in Tamil Nadu. The original DMK was the handiwork of Christian missionaries. It was originally called the Justice Party, claiming its goal was to bring justice to the oppressed Dravidians. It is supposed to be scientific and rationalist, but still holds on to the scientifically discredited Aryan-Dravidian theory. This division is the centerpiece of both the Dravidian parties and the LTTE: their whole ideology collapses once they accept that science has demolished their racial basis.

This Dravidian ideology, it is hardly a theory, has spawned its own brand of ‘scholarship’. According to the Aryan Invasion Theory now kept alive by Dravidian politicians (and their academic camp followers like Michael Witzel, Iravatham Mahadevan and Asko Parpola), the invading Aryans destroyed the Harappan cities (of the Indus Valley) like Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. But these, Parpola in particular go further: the builders of these great 5000 year old cities were Dravidians who spoke an early form of Tamil. These were driven out of their cities by the invading Aryans and forced to migrate en masse to Tamil Nadu, a thousand miles to the south where they have preserved their Tamil language!

How does Parpola know that these long dead people spoke Tamil? He doesn’t but that is immaterial. He complimented the people of Tamil Nadu for preserving the ancient language of the Harappan people of which there is no trace. This pleased the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi sufficiently to give Parpola a cash award of a million rupees (about $25,000). When this news became public there was a flurry of activity in Western academic circles with several scholars claiming that they too had proof of the ‘Dravidian’ nature of the Harappan civilization. (Asko Parpola is from Finland.) But the activity died out when Mr Karunanidhi announced that the award would be given only once every five years.

A curious thing happened on the way from Bishop Caldwell to Dravidian politics— racism became inseparable from language: Dravidian language became Dravidian race. Even a supposedly great scholar like F. Max Müller became an advocate of it, at least until it became politically uncomfortable for him. This was denounced by real scientists. Sir Julian Huxley, one of the great biologists of the century wrote as far back as 1939:

“In England and America the phrase ‘Aryan race’ has quite ceased to be used by writers with scientific knowledge though it appears occasionally in political and propagandist literature…” To political and propagandist Huxley might have added ‘religious and missionary’, for it was the missionary Bishop Caldwell who created this conundrum. Even Max Müller believed in the Biblical superstition of Creation on 26 October 4004 BC! He even expressed admiration for the 17th century forger Father Robert de Nobili who produced a Biblical ‘Yesur Veda’ (Veda of Jesus) instead of the Yajurveda.

Today this brand religious ‘scholarship’ has been taken to abysmal depths by missionaries in India who now claim that the original Dravidians were Christians and the invading Aryans created the Vedas by borrowing ideas from the Bible! The authors of Breaking India cite several such examples by these missionary ‘scholars’. Here is a gem from one Deivanayagam (and his daughter Devakala) who claim that Sanskrit was brought to India (by Aryans naturally) after Jesus and prior to that India was Dravidian Christian, which is the source of the Veda. According to this theory Brahmins (Aryans) stole ideas from Dravidian Christianity and created Hindu scriptures including the Vedas. Sanskrit came into existence only 150 years after Christianity.

This raises a few difficult questions. What were Brahmins and what language did they use before they stole Dravidian Christianity and Tamil to create Hinduism and Sanskrit? What is Dravidian Christianity? According to these scholars, Dravidian Christianity was the Christianity preached by St Thomas when he came to India in 52 AD and was killed by Brahmins for that reason. Never mind that the Christian Bible (New Testament) came into existence only in the 4th century, compiled by St Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria. Or that St Thomas never visited India. (He may never have existed, but that is a different story.)

What is extraordinary is that such tripe should receive support and sponsorship from Christian organizations. Not so long ago Christian institutions could produce scholars of the caliber of Father Heras, W.W. Hunter and others who for all their prejudices knew the meaning and worth of scholarship. As I will describe in a future article, this precipitous decline in scholarship is due to the decline of Christianity in the West and the emptying of the seminaries. The vacuum has been filled by aspiring seminarians from Third World countries like India. So, where formerly Biblical scholars came from the divinity schools of Yale, Harvard, Gregorianum (Rome) and others, we now have shallow propagandists coming from troubled seminaries with no academic standards. Like the proverbial neo-convert (and neveu riche) many of them have become loose cannons without any trace of scruples.

This horde is now menacing their homelands with newfound money and influence. This is an important area that needs to be studied. Most Americans are not aware of the fact that Christianity today, the missionary movement in particular is a Third World phenomenon where it is creating social and political havoc. Another fact that Americans (and other westerners) are surprised to learn is that the Christianity being propagated by these is pre-Enlightenment Christianity with its baggage of racism and anti-Semitism: churches in India still preach that Jews killed Jesus and Jews are the enemies of God.

The relationship of the U.S. governments over the years with missionaries is a complex one. Some, mainly Republican administrations have not hesitated to use them as political tools for spying and other covert activities. Democratic administrations on the other hand have supported them in the fond hope they will carry out social works and advance ‘human rights’. (Both show that Christian outfits are willing political stooges.) Human rights bodies today are heavily infiltrated by evangelic interests pushing their own agenda. It is no exaggeration to say that human rights is a neocolonial ideology that has taken the place of the White Man’s Burden— of imposing a set of their own but alien values on the people of the Third World.

But the situation today is far too grave for such games: Indian and U.S. strategic interests now overlap to a degree that was unimaginable even a decade ago. And no area is more important than fighting terrorism. Fighting terrorism presents the greatest challenge for the two countries. But Church organizations, in their tunnel vision, focused on gaining maximum converts are oblivious to the social damage it is causing and the ill will it is generating. This discord can only help the terrorists. Leaders and thinkers in both countries must recognize the dangers of this ‘Breaking India’ activity that can only benefit forces that are bent on destroying freedom and civilization as we understand them. Needless to say these evangelists and human rights-wallahs will not be in the front lines when terrorist forces strike home.

It is impossible to do justice to the full scope of Breaking India in an article like the present one. I have only touched on a few salient points, occasionally going beyond the book to highlight their historical and other background. The book needs to be studied and discussed in detail at various academic and policy forums.

I have had the privilege of meeting Mr Rajiv Malhotra during the book launch in New Delhi in February. I spent a delightful day discussing all sorts of matters with him. I am looking forward to the book launch in the SF Bay area this month. (I will announce the date here when it is finalized.)

Anyhow this post is becoming inordinately long. I wanted to give out as much information as I can about the book and about Malhotraji’s work. Who is he? He is the founder and president of the Infinity Foundation.

Rajiv Malhotra is a public intellectual on current affairs, world religions and cross-cultural encounters between East and West. His career has spanned the corporate world as a senior executive, strategic consultant and successful entrepreneur in the information technology and media industries. His Infinity Foundation, seeks to foster a better global understanding of Indian civilization. Rajiv’s work argues that the dharma offers a complex and open framework for a genuine dialogue among diverse peoples, rather then a zero sum game. He shows the limitations of globalization when it is a parochial imposition of Western paradigms. He is well known as a speaker and writer for a wide audience and is frequently interviewed and invited to deliver keynote addresses. He serves on the Board of Governors of the India Studies program at the University of Massachusetts, and served as a Chairman for the Asian Studies Education Committee of the State of New Jersey.

More information about the book at BreakingIndia.com. Also please join the book discussion group.

And to end this long post (and make it even longer), here’s an informative review of the book at Amazon. The author is Dr Vijaya Rajiva.

The book Breaking India (2011) is a landmark event in that it brings together a comprehensive account of the many forces that have in the past undermined and continues to try to undermine the national unity of India, called Bharat . The authors, well known intellectual and scholar in the Indian diaspora Shri Rajiv Malhotra and his co author Shri Arvindan Neelakandhan, have placed together under one roof the documentation and analyses gathered over a period of several years. This is the book’s strength. The documentation is meticulous and is provided dispassionately and honestly. The facts are allowed to speak for themselves.

There are 19 chapters to this voluminous work, along with detailed appendices and an impressive bibliography. Each chapter is written with care and attention. The information contained therein should capture the attention of every Indian who believes in the integrity of the nation and how this had been attacked in the past and may well happen again if timely discussion and action are not taken to prevent that happening.

The major thread in the balkanization of India process started with the emergent West’s desperate search for identity (in the early 17th and 18th centuries) and for colonizing the earth’s resources. The search for European identity began with European scholars appropriating India’s linguistic identity in the shape of Sanskrit to fulfull their own need for identity. Thus began the Aryanisation theory according to which Aryans invaded India, subjugated its indigenous population and instituted the caste system, whereby the Aryan invaders remained on top of the hierarchy. In due time they mixed with the indigenous people and gradually lost the purity of their race.

Whereas, in Europe they retained this purity. Alongside of this , the European Aryans integrated their new found identity with Christian doctrine which harked back to a Semitic identity. In order to eliminate this semitic identity Jesus now became the founder of the new religion of Aryan Christianity. The book shows many leading scholars lending credence to this dubious creation of European identity and both wittingly and unwittingly contributing to the rise of anti semiticism and the eventual holocaust in Hitler’s Germany. A similar process took place with regard to India. The many icons William Jones (the first translator of Kalidasa), Max Mueller, the Sanskritist, to name only two of those that Indians have habitually respected, are shown to have clay feet . . . .

Their aim was not simply the aims of scholarship.

The second thread (which the book does not go into) is the European search for economic dominance of the earth, its people and its resources. This aspect has been written about in detail by other scholars. But while these accounts generally restrict themselves to a type of economism , that is, looking only at the economic component of the phenomenon of colonization, this book provides the ideological underpinning of the colonization process.

For India, the significance of both aspects of the European drive for identity/dominance and colonization for resources resulted in its second major Occupation, the British Occupation,the first one being the Islamic, whose present day avatar is fundamentalism and terrorism.

One of the important contributions of Breaking India is that it shows the Western project to be an ongoing one. It is not a thing of the past. It has a new avatar as Eurocentrism and is being propagated in two ways : the ceaseless attempt at the Christianisation of the Indian population and the ongoing imposition of western models of academic enquiry.

The major part of the book is devoted to what is called the Dravidian-Christian nexus, which started with the pre independence British policy of divide and rule. India was divided into an Aryan north and a Dravidian south which allegedly had no real connection with each other, other than the dominance of the Aryan/Sanskrit north.
Likewise the tribal population was cut off from mainstream Hindu society by the British rulers. The present day Dalits (former Untouchables) are being co opted into an anti Hindu India project. This is being done with scant respect to the very real distinction between the varna-jati system and Untouchability. As is well known, Mahatma Gandhi endorsed the varna-jati system, while working tirelessly against Untouchability.

The nexus pays no attention to the very real and tangible efforts of the Government of India to enfranchise the former Untouchables by affirmative programs and by the banning of Untouchability in the Indian Constitution. It also ignores the efforts on the ground by NGOs and private organizations to eliminate Untouchability and the resulting return of many members of the Scheduled Castes to their original religion, Hinduism, from which Christian missionaries had lured them away. The book demonstrates with clear evidence that the agenda is to implicate India in human rights abuses. The malicious intent is to haul India to the United Nations as an offender. While the new found alliance with the U.S. precludes any immediate threat in this direction, the impact of evangelical Americans who want to use this particular stick with which to beat India, cannot be ignored. Nor can Indians ignore the malicious plans of some of their own fellow citizens to be part of this agenda.

The Dravidian-Christian project is founded on the misappropriation and misrepresentation of Tamil culture and literature in order to create a vacuum which can be filled by the Christian missionary agenda. Both serious efforts in this direction and the ludicrous ones such as L. Samson’s attempt to remove Hindu icons and themes from the famed Bharata Natya dance form are documented by the book. She is now the Director of the famed Kalakshetra in Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

In each case, the divide and rule policy not only helped to consolidate British rule, but it also paved the way for the introduction of Christianity. Lord Macaulay’s introduction of English education (1835) not only destroyed the previously flourishing Indian educational system but produced a new class of Indians who would actively co operate and collaborate with the rulers. This process continues even today, in independent India, with the entire educational system being subverted to destroy any remaining traces of India’s Hindu identity. Here, the Hindu Indians themselves are the willing accomplices, largely because they have been trained to inwardly despise anything Hindu, but also because they do not know better.

The book goes into great detail concerning the Indian and foreign establishments and agencies that are seeking actively to establish Western dominance on an ancient and great civilization that continues to `resist’ in many unseen and unnoticed ways. The book is a warning to all Indians regardless of their religion or ethnicity that things may not go on as happened in the past, meaning that somehow an ancient and great civilization survived the savage onslaught and will continue to do so in the future. The book warns against complacency by providing factual data.

A great and ancient civilization is caught in the crosshairs of the civilisational struggle between the West, China and Islamic fundamentalism. The concluding chapter of the book suggests that the on and off relationship with the U.S. and the European West has both its advantages and disadvantages, and it would seem that at present India has no alternative except to stick with it.

At the same time Indians should be vigilant about the many ruses and treacheries that characterized this relationship in the past and continues to the present. Navigating through the present, requires knowledge of what happened in the distant past and in the recent past.

Breaking India provides that knowledge and is a MUST read for all Indians.

Dr. Vijaya Rajiva

If you have read this post (5,200 words) in its entirety, you have my admiration and gratitude. Be well, do good work and keep in touch.

Author: Atanu Dey


37 thoughts on “Rajiv Malhotra’s book, “Breaking India””

  1. Hi Atanu,
    Since I’ve read the entire article, I guess I have your admiration 🙂
    On a serious note – As an Indian who loves Indian culture and who hates to see the Indian culture being attacked, misrepresented or misunderstood, the book and the facts are alarming.
    I’m wondering if there is only bad news or if the book offers any solutions or mention any movements that intend to neutralize or reverse these conversions/misinterpretations by foreign interests.


  2. Excellent feedback. How are we (Dhamic Civilizaation) goint to stop the menace of monotheistic faiths.Does any one have solution or plan.If yes then share it and if not then we will shrink.


  3. hello,

    I am very impressed by the comments left here.
    It shows that people are ready to take initiative.
    I live in Toronto and came from India about 9 years ago. I was 13 then.
    I have been wanting to do something for my rashtra since I was a child.
    I have worked with many groups and have tried different organizations to look for what I wanted to live.
    I got in touch with HSS(Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh) in Canada.It is spread in around 37 countries and is a sister organization of RSS(Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh).
    If you are really looking forward to play your part in building the bharat that we dream of please look in to the work of RSS if you are in India and outside of India it’s called HSS.
    Try searching for the organization and It’s easy to contact them.
    Also if you require more info I’ll be more than happy- khanjan9@hotmail.com

    Thank You.


  4. The main idea is that balkanisation; reducing us into parts that will shrink our power as a united entity.

    We need to have strong mechanisms in place that will check and make accountable people indulging in such activities. That is the first thought that is coming to my mind.

    But how will we go about doing it?

    Legal way will be difficult to implement to achieve the full effect to scuttle the further spread of the ideology. In addition there will be accusations of minority abuse and so and so on.

    The other way is to organise culturally. not necessarily on religious basis (may be with Protestants if it is the Catholics who are the trouble makers). This should also have the power to be called Hindutva kind of attack against minorities.

    So, a balanced approach need to be taken considering free-speech, religious freedom etc.. It is worrying that no one in the policy side is taking note of this


  5. “churches in India still preach that Jews killed Jesus and Jews are the enemies of God”

    Thanks Atanu for this post,

    The Abrahamic religious clergy have the distinction of organizing themselves in a modern management set-up to achieve sole purpose viz. further the quantum of believers in their God’s who are “more just”. Borrowing from Subbu Swamy’s rhetoric on this topic, the indoctrinators of Islam and Christianity and their secret sponsors and their spin doctors have achieved significant success in converting the lower strata amongst the Hindu’s(Shudra’s) but not the upper class Hindu’s viz. Brahmins, Kshatriya’s and Vaishyas’s. Exceptions do exist amongst the upper classes but usually with converts making a conscious decision under lure of goodies and money.

    Khuswant Singh’s take on the conversion of lower classes is that the lower classes found the idea of one God and the simple set of do’s and don’ts more appealing than the convoluted metaphysical theories of Hinduism that their tiny little minds couldn’t possibly comprehend.

    I think this prognosis around western interventions on India to the point of reaching a conclusion that some vested western conspiracies are at work to divide our nation state cannot be entirely justified with all available evidence. Several versions of Aryan-Dravidian theories exist from scholars within India and I think the intellectuals are not necessarily biased to embrace one over other for claiming racial superiority.

    The rise of DMK like elements down south has probably nothing to do with denunciation of Aryan’s being intruders, its roots lie in the British Raj, when Hindi was sort of becoming a national language next only to English. Probably some leaders from south would have been unhappy with their representation in the congress party whose significant members were from Hindi speaking areas of India. Other separatist phenomenon has similar reasons, with envious neighbours fueling them to create nuisance.

    Even if conspirators exist to decoy separatist elements, it probably is a good thing. Let them go to hell. They are a bane anyway. What Govt. can’t solve, the conspirators are re-solving for us.


  6. Seems like I am getting the tags wrong..


    Could you expand the purpose of these tags with an example usage for each. May cost couple of lines more



  7. Nice points Atanu. I have seen many blog posts discussing Rajiv’s Book – but unfortunately – not any solutions for the problems he raises. I guess discussing the symptoms of the problem won’t help, we need to come up with a solution. Do you have anything in your mind?


    1. Hello ritesh
      I have a point for you…before finding solution u need to find out roots of that problem..by the way solution is in being different next book of shree rajiv ji..


  8. My guess on the solution is to get rid of Sonia Gandhi and to rid the entire nation of even the last traces of Gandhi parivar.

    rooting out votebank politics is another thing. though I agree it is very tough.

    but the first point is easier. but before letting them out of india, we must get back out looted wealth.


  9. Atanu,

    I skimmed through this post because I completed reading the book last week.Read a few pages every night before going to bed, for almost 10 days 🙂

    I think the book could have been edited better, especially in the initial chapters.Far too many typos as well, but I think they will correct them all in the reprint.

    Coming to the substance of the book, yes, it is a phenomenal effort and should be recommended as ‘must read’ for all educated youth of Indian origin, especially in South India.Almost all knowledge of India and its past comes to us from colonial historians and/or their intellectual offspring.We probably need a massive rewrite of the History of the Indic civilization.

    Right now, it looks next to impossible to change the text books of our children.But unless we do that, millions of children are going to grow up with the wrong information and attitudes in their heads.Tamilians are going to think of themselves as Dravidians and distinct from rest of India.And so on.

    Bottomline: 1. Breaking India should just be the beginning.By it self, it can not reach many people because it is a big, fat book.It must be converted into easily digestible capsules in Channel 4 docu drama style, and shown on TV/uploaded to YouTube etc.

    2. A global network of various amateur blogger-historians and professional researchers should join hands to review/rewrite Indian history by challenging established colonial perspectives. There are a few people doing commendable work already. We badly need an intellectual tradition to be built from that base.


  10. Knowledge is wealth. For Indians, especially those following Hinduism as categorized by Colonial British in an effort to break the back bone of Hindustan using religion and caste as an excuse/reason, the task at hand is long and hard one with lack of time. Purely because the present days education is just a continuation of what the Colonial British handed down to us, their observation and misrepresented “slight of the hand”, Hindu texts and scriptures which on detailed introspection and questioning, will reveal what their true intentions was, to create a sense of self doubt within Hindus, in turn making them vulnerable to uncertainty of their identities as Hindus. This job of carrying forward the menacing “slight of hand” knowledge has been going on in a careful manner since India attained Independence, thanks to Nehru’s farcical secularism views who was more interested in impressing the British and later on the Muslims with the help of his leftist ideology filled friends the Communist party. Today universities like JNU and government agencies like NCERT coupled with India’s so called privately owned National TV and print media channels are full of these “leftist viruses”, who along with international award winners (noble prize, bookers prize, pulitzer prize et al) are involved in this “slight of the hand” anti-Hindu, pro-secular (rather pseudo-secular) views of theirs. Every country flourishes only when they have a genuine identity of their own. Europe and the US are Christian countries to the extent of a constitutional clause in US, that says if you don’t have enough Christianity you can’t hold an office of responsibility. Surprisingly only India aka Hindustan doesn’t seem to be having any such clause. Why?? All our constitution mentions is that both majority and minority population, should at equal measure enjoy the freedom of rights as laid down in Indian constitution, in spite of the census showing India to be a 80% Hindu country. Why such an article in our constitution is dangerous is simply because it can be easily manipulated to suit the minorities, who would have become majority at any time, especially muslim dominated states like Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir or Andhra Pradesh where the city of Hyderabad is full of muslims and coastal Andhra has been converted to Christianity by late Andhra CM Y Samuel Rajashekar Reddy. At present his son-in-law, misusing the temple donations that the Government collects through the Muzrai Act (enacted during Colonial British rule) is been diverted for the Christian cause through his evangelist organization “aweministries”. No wonder the both CONgress and media (all controlled by foreigners through FDI route) attack organizations like RSS, VHP, who have been involved in stopping such horrendous and unethical activities like conversions, to the extent calling them as Hindu terror organizations.


  11. @Rex



    There is only one Paramatman/ParaBrahman and this is Advaita. The fact that under whichever name a devotee worships his Ishtadevata that manifestation of God which appeals to him most-he considers him as all-pervading Paramatama.

    Christianity and Islam might also be teaching the same “Paramatman/ParaBrahman” but the problem is they think that what they teach is “the only truth” and hence more interested in “Conversion” activities by Cash or Sword.

    The day Christianity and Islam accept that all religions lead to the same “Paramatman or Allah or God” as in ADVAITA then we can wipe out religious fundamentalism from earth.

    Try Adi Sankara’s VIVEKA CHOODAMANI, if you want to read English translation of this then Chinmaya Mission has one by Chinmayananda Swamy.

    In India we need to make SANSKRIT mandatory from 1’st to 12’th standard then VEDA’s can be read and understood by everybody. The day Indians start following VEDA’s you will see India stepping into GOLDEN AGE again.


  12. The day Christianity and Islam accept that all religions lead to the same “Paramatman or Allah or God” as in ADVAITA then we can wipe out religious fundamentalism from earth


    Do you think the purpose here is merely spiritual or religiouos?

    Religious fundamentalism in all its myriad flavours from soft to hardcore is something perpetrated under the aegies of political power centers with vested ideological interests. Polarizing people’s minds is one of the cheapest and the effective way to gain subscriptions-whatever be the end objective.

    Since institutions and infrastructure for temples, churches and mosques already exist, the job becomes easy if the high priests can be “bought” on a plan. Rest is trickle effect.

    You cannot wipe out religious or for that matter any cult fundamentalism forever because the choice of being fundamentalist is often a temporary one that has its roots in ignorance, poverty and injustice.


  13. How do we stop this menace of Christian prosleytization and Arabization by the fundamentalist muslims who look toward the Arab world for their cultural identity?

    1. Mass movement independent of RSS, BJP or any such organization…may be under the banner of “Sanatana Dharma Sangha” is needed to awaken the people across the country. The movement should be under the theme, “Dharma Samrakshana” Need a solid symbol, a Sachin Tendulkar-like figure who can energize the masses, so a conversation about these “balkanizing” forces get underway at the national level.

    2. Popularize Sanskrit once again through incentives. Invest heavily (there are plenty of rich Hindus who are making donations to already-rich US universities)in a program whereby get Indian households to participate in Sanskrit learning, essay writing, “purana” reading contests, sanskrit plays, TV series/quiz shows, movies etc. Benefits of learning sanskrit are huge, even if the language itself has no significance in the commercial world; but, when parents see the intellect-enhancing benefits of sanskrit, they will get into the act. More children will get there. Make sanskrit fashionable again!

    3. Dharmic institutions need to own and run a TV channel with nationwide coverage. India/Hindu-centric views have to be aired and in matters such as, Kanchi Shankaracharya’s arrest, truth needs to be presented to the Hindus before irreparable damage is done. We cannot rely on left-oriented, pseudo-secular TV media that exist in India today to promote dharma and fight for the integrity of our country’s borders.

    4. Take back the temple management from the state and into the hands of responsible Hindus. Train Hindu leaders at local levels in governance issues and drive home the importance of transparency in managing temple finances. We need people of dharma, not politicians, employing the temple funds for advancing the Hindu causes.

    These are essential for India to regain dharmic ways and prevent our civilization from losing its cultural identity rooted in sanatana dharma.


  14. Atanu and other friends, Mr.Malhotra’s book must be read by every Indian. Its avaialable on flipkart in India and as a kindle book on amazon as well. Please spread the word.


  15. India can become a Hindu nation only when people like Atanu Dey stop spreading what the Christian Evangelist organizations and various other Church associations want these pseudo-secularists and rationalists to do. Portray people like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sri Sathya Sai Baba as CON MEN. Atanu Dey seems to belong to that lack of identity “rationalist” category, like his other Bengali brothers, all steeped in their leftist views and ideologies, desperately painting a very ugly picture of Hindu spiritual guru’s on the one hand instead of highlighting the various social welfare causes as well as spiritual guidance they were involved in with no caveat of CONVERSION, unlike the “Saint of the Gutters” Mother Theresa or the various missionaries in India.

    Remember Mr. Dey, it’s thanks to these spiritual Guru’s Hinduism still exist in Hindustan. Ever since the first of mass exodus started to happen to Buddhism after Gautam Buddha’s devotees were involved in mass conversion activities of the poor and down trodden way back in 6th to 8th century AD, Bharata Varsha aka Hindustan has had to see great saints/spiritual guru’s like Adi Shankarcharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Basavanna etc come to the fore to resurrect and rejuvenate Hinduism back from the blasphemy Buddhist and at present Christians are doing, against Hindu’s and Hinduism.

    This should be first and foremost awareness for all Hindu’s. No matter how related every other religion may seem to, on philosophical aspects, they still don’t give the true meaning as Hindu scriptures and Shastra’s do. To get to know the truth of what our Vedas, Upanishads, various Sutras and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata say, one needs the guidance of spiritual guru’s like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

    Just before I conclude, please do remember to celebrate Basava Jayanthi on 6th May, Sri Ramanuja Jayanthi on 7th May and Sr Shankaracharya Jayanthi on 8th May.

    Hari Om!!!


    1. Common man, Rajiv Malhotra is a sympathizer of Nthiyanandan! Subramanian Samy is a defender of Asa Ram. The Hindutwa guys like these owe us a great deal of explanation as to why India is such an unjust place. If anyone thinks otherwise, please live in denial.

      Most religious people and their books suck. Indian religious books are no exception; in and out these are casteistic, racist and superstitious filth. You know it, I know it and everybody knows it.


  16. I feel that Mr.Malhotra does bring up some valid points and his call to engage is a fair one.
    But personally I believe India suffers from hyper religiosity. Extreme attention to religion. It is not making Indians honest and fair minded, just wasting a lot of time on BS.
    I am just back from a business trip to China. Even a tier-3 city has excellent world class infrastructure, people are a-religious yet a cab driver does not fleece you !!!


  17. Atanu,

    I too read your entire post.

    Karunanidhi & Periyar have again and again troubled Tamil Minds with feelings of beings the so called troubled “dravidians” against the “Aryans”.

    Most Tamil literature still points out that sage Agastya was the greatest contibutor to Tamil and he himself was of the “Aryan” vedic tradition.

    The most irritating thing is they are inculcating a feeling of “them” vs “us” by teaching the Aryan-invasion-bullshit in schools.
    My own family was from native Chidambaram .. but we were so-called “Aryan” because I happened to speak Kannada

    The Script used by the harrapan civilizations , “indus script” is still a mystery and it is no-where even close what tamilian scripts are or have been. Parpola must have a really wide imagination to say the the harrapans spoke tamil


  18. Missionaries are going allout to bring out Christianised Hindus as products from their educational institutions.It is these Christianised Hindus who are fighting the cause of evangelists.They denigrate Hindu religion and customs and are totally delinked from their ancestral culture.The most dangerous weapon that is being used is that of teaching English language at formative ages,at the cost of Indian languages which deroots the children from their ancestral background.Unless the spread of Christian run schools are stopped from spreading,Hindu soceity will be eroded from within.


  19. Unless we stop this – “There are only a few bad apples among them” theory we can’t win them.
    What we require a political party which says it’s working for the Hindu cause openly.


  20. I have read the article.
    I must admire the tremendous effort of the authors of “Breaking India” to make their point, which is, or at least should be, obvious to every Indian citizen of Hindu descent.
    It is one thing to state a problem, which the authors of Breaking India” seem to have achieved and quite another to suggest concrete steps to remedy the situation.
    First and foremost I feel the principles and basic philosophy of Hinduism should be taught in schools and higher educational institutions. Today a Hindu has to search for reliable sources to understand what his religion has been teaching for thousands of years.Secondly Sanskrit should be made compulsory in all secondary schools. Thirdly all primary and secondary school education should be in the mother tongue of every child. Even physics, chemistry and mathematics should be taught in schools in the mother tongue of the child. These are just a few basic steps which will inculcate in the mind of a child self confidence and pride of his/her origins.
    There should be a Constitutional provision to make it mandatory for the Central and State Governments to have the concerned Governments only manned by the majority community in the country.
    Some of these measures may sound too narrow-minded, but if one looks at any country in the world India would, I am sure,
    stand out as the only country having top posts in the Governments occupied by individuals from minority communities, whose actions are patently against the interests of the majority.
    I do not wish to make my comments too long. I shall stop here; the merits and demerits of each one of my suggestions need serious attention if we wish to stop the “Breaking of India”.


  21. Leela Samson is touring US and Inculturation has taken over.


    “To understand the syndrome we are dealing with, it is important to first understand the strategy known as inculturation and its colonizing influences upon a growing number of Indian dancers. What this dancer feels is precisely the result of inculturation – namely, to de-Hinduize the tradition in such a manner that it is welcomed by the practitioners who begin to see this shift as a kind of modernization and globalization program. The first stage is to diminish the dharmic metaphysical context by emptying the symbols of their deeper meanings, and this gets gradually secularized and eventually Christianized” – Rajiv Malhotra, author of BREAKING INDIA and BEING DIFFERENT


  22. I have read the article and the comments here. Some seems to suggest that India needs to be be more proactive in showing its Hindu religion side. But India has nearly 10% muslim population and also sizable Christian population now. I am also one of them. I am a Roman Catholic and my father is from Kerela and mother from West Bengal. My Mum was Hindu before marriage. India needs to remain secular, thats why I feel but needs to be aware of these missionaries hidden agenda.

    I am a RC but am very patriotic Indian. I will be ready to give my life for my motherland but for an illiterate dalit whom missionaries brainwash, it may be hard for them not to make there own judgements and may actually feel that they are really oppressed by imaginery brahmins (the issue may be actually of inequality of wealth and nothing else) and take up arms in the future.

    I am planning to read the book and more literature on this issue from the bibliography of the book and other academic sources and get into the heart of this as I feel we need to defend our countries from these evil sources.


  23. Dear Paulose,

    We need patriotic Christians like you; you are actually Hindu in thought, more Hindu than many Hindus anyway: the definition of “Hindu” is broader when applied in the sense anyone who considers Bharat as their motherland and respects it’s native traditions. You belong to the category of P N Benjamin ( http://panavelinbenjamin.blogspot.com/2012/01/is-karnataka-rogue-state-no1.html ) and Alex Alexander ( http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A3QKCAJEHFXLQ2/ref=cm_cr_dp_auth_rev?ie=UTF8&sort_by=MostRecentReview ); more power to people like you.

    Please read BREAKING INDIA – you will be amazed at the level of deception played on Indian Civilization and what odds we are up against.



  24. Well, Couldn’t go through all of the comments… But i’d like to put up a topic here as a solution(to be discussed). Look at how organized Islam and Christianity are. Missionaries went to Indonesia, during Tsunami, to convert. To convert Muslims. The govt protested. But in India? look at Kudankulam- why do you think protests started only by 2011.

    What I’m saying is to Modernize Hinduism. Adapt. Sati is gone, unaccountability is going… there are a lot more to remove. But what is getting added? it’d look like copying but look at what the other religions are doing? they have religious educational classes for children. What do Hindus have? granny stories. A structural reorganization… a revolution… reviving the wealth of our ancestors… bring back gurukulas in the form of Sunday classes.. Make Hindus stronger.

    The other point is… while making Hindus stronger, it’ll look like dividing India again. Minority Muslims will get suppressed in areas. But for this we need to taught an equal amount of nationalism. We should accept the Modern form of education which our Govt provides. Ghandiji, Bhagat Singh, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Nehru…. they taught us Patients, Perseverance… Look at America. A federal state but still a union. They have flags all over their place. why? Nationalism… The govt should induce the exact amount of Nationalism to the young minds. and Of course Literacy makes us think. Now we are what we are because we are educated enough to understand things.

    So Hinduism needs to be organized along with the Increase in Nationalism and literacy(the ability to think)


  25. After reading this I felt that this book should be included as a supplementary reader for school children before they convert into neo-liberals


  26. Just saw this. Would someone care to comment on recent genome research of Indian (sample) population that shows that Indians are genetic ANI or ASI (“North Indian” and “South Indian’)? The principal investigators are Dr. Reisch of Harvard and the ex-director of Center for Molecular Biology in Hyderabad. I’m neither a genetist nor anthropologist. For that matter, neither am I an historian. But I’d like to hear what others think of what they are saying in that context. It is, of course, easy to brush off with “another of those motivated research projects.” I hpe to read more studied opinions.

    Atanu, by the way, you love Garrison Keillor, don’t you? Me too. Here’s the giveaway: “Be well, do good work and keep in touch.”


  27. The biggest threat to India and Hinduism is not evangelicals but pseudo academics like Rajiv Malhotra and His Hindutvavadi followers who try to potray a HindI based Ideology. These Hindi Males fail to understand that there is no danger in Diversity. The danger is in Rewriting history, demonizing people to suit their narrative. They must rememeber that only 40% of India is Hindi land, 60% are linguistic minoriites. In the 40% Hindi Land the Dalits and lower castes will never fall into this Brahmin ideology trap. Woemn will sooner or later see the reality of these Hindutva academics. India will never break what will happen is these minority Hindi Men will be driven out of the country or made to shut up by Majority Indians.


  28. This Rajeev Malhotra is so concerned about his religion & country , then why is he sitting in US ? If missionaries are doing some work & in return if they ask for conversion, I dont think people will disagree. Because, they are giving respect to the people & helping them. Most of these trolls who buy the idea of Rajeev Malhotra & his writing are sitting in cushy chairs in their offices & homes & commenting on the missionaries who are really going out there in worst conditions & helping people.

    If u really want to do something & stop conversions, why doesnt Mr. Malhotra go to the tribal heartlands, to the maoist bad lands & help people there ??
    How can u guys even believe this guy ?


  29. Atanu,

    I have read your article as well as the book. I must say that book has been written after much research and includes facts . We must appreciate author’s efforts . The way Rajivji has explained the reality about our current society .

    Specially I liked the Chapter 19 , which focuses on the interconnection of Jihadi groups , evangelists and Naxalites in India. I was almost shocked after knowing the facts that these anti Indian powers are so much interconnected . Now a days Naxalite attacks are so common that we don’t even bother to pay attention about any Naxalite attack news.

    Personally what I feel , about solution to stop these forces is
    – Stop the foreign funding through NGO’s . Take the strongest possible action on NGOs which are black listed.
    – Prepare special task force and train them to fight against naxalalites .


  30. I hope and pray somebody reads this! In here it is claimed that India is shrinking. And that Islamization would unleash massive sufferings. Probably true. It says that Islam’s older relative called Christianity also made people to suffer.

    This article imagines that Hinduism / Sanskrittanism/Brahmanism/ Ariyanism, whatever you may want to call it. is native to India which is completely false. Like Islam, Sanskritanism also came from the same places, central Asia. It also made the people to suffer massively in the form of caste oppression for millenniums and still continues to be so.

    Commoners are pathetically suffering.

    There is only one way out. The commoners must embrace western civilization which now stands for “human rights”. Indians, please hurry up and safegaurd your children from all these oppressors.


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