$10 billion US Military Aid for Pakistan

For having helped (yeah right) the US find and kill Osama bin Laden, the US will give $10 billion in military aid to Pakistan. This is a prediction. Hillary Clinton and her boss will make sure that happens. That aid will help keep India poor by forcing India to buy even more weapons of mass destruction. (Weapons of mass destruction — meaning that buying them forces a few millions of Indians die of starvation.)

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  1. Atanu, we all know the insidious nature of the US – Pak aid relationship. The reason Pak was getting billions in funding was mostly always for clandestine operations, weapons, funding and training for militant groups. This boosted brisk arms sales to countries around the region including India. The bottom line was to keep the gears of the US military – industrial complex well oiled and running smooth.

    I bet they would keep pushing the AQ spectre forever, or until there’s a newer and apparently more dangerous foe that can be leveraged to boost arms sales and business for companies like Haliburton around the world.

    OBL was not the powerful militant he was made out to be. He was a pawn used by higher powers for their own enrichment. He was cast off like an old glove once he outlived his usefulness. Wait for the next “monster”. I bet it won’t be long.


  2. I think now US should understand that they should not trow blood money collected from innocent US citizens to help pakistan since form OBL incident world know pakistan is home for terrorist then why should they aid pak? instead they should impose economic ban on them


  3. The next monster will be oil and energy shortage coupled with bankruptcy.


  4. Atanu,

    Your prediction will be true. The war must go on because the rewards are higher than the expenditure.

    It seems dumb Americans are bought out on the story that OBL is not the end of story. If 450bn dollars are already spent to nab OBL, why not another 50 to nab the “rest”. Pak will get more aid as they are now America’s best friends. Pak Govt. machine is already in the act to announce their important role in war on terrorism.

    If time permits you must read this. A month old report on US DOD spending on

    “Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) covering primarily Afghanistan and other small Global War on Terror (GWOT) operations ranging from the Philippines to Djibouti that began immediately after the 9/11 attacks and continues;

    -Operation Noble Eagle (ONE) providing enhanced security for U.S. military bases and other homeland security that was launched in response to the attacks and continues at a modest level; and

    -Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) that began in the fall of 2002 with the buildup of troops for the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, continued with counter-insurgency and stability operations, and is slated to be renamed Operation New Dawn as U.S. troops focus on an advisory and assistance role”


  5. The once good friends have become BFF now!! Party time for the neighbour, any which way.


  6. USA and Pakistan, the very definition of Friends With Benefits.


  7. http://apoorvakarnik.blogspot.com/2011/05/missing-link.html

    Follow this link. This aid is not predicted, it has already been granted. Reports of a secret deal b/w US and Pak may very well be true


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