What Joseph Lelyveld Said About Gandhi

I have not read Joseph Lelyveld’s book on Gandhi. Of course, neither have any of those who are heaping invective upon Lelyveld’s head for having written the book. I will probably borrow the book from the library one of these days but for now, it is good to hear the man himself explain what he attempted to do in the book. Michael Krasny’s Forum on KQED had him on in the second hour of the show today. It was enlightening, as Forum almost always is. Check it out.


Have a listen when you can. I will be back with my comments later. I emailed Krasny while the show was on, which he read (around the 32:45 mark).


Were the British ready to go? Clement Atlee said so. Did your guest address this point in this book?


Lelyveld spent the next two minutes addressing the point.

Also see the comments on the Forum page for the episode. I find it always amusing to read the comments of Indians — most certainly working in the technology sector in the Valley. Many of them reveal how they have been brainwashed into a herd mentality with very limited capacity for critical thinking.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Thanks for posting. Got to hear this in its entirety at last. Gandhi was well and truly the father of the “current nation”. He was a dangerous, demented nut. No wonder history has accorded him the status of a demi-god.


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