Anna Hazare Has Painted Himself into a Corner

Anna Hazare in the context of rural development praised the work of chief ministers Nitish Kumar and — here’s where he slipped up and deviated from the script — Narendra Modi. That’s going to cost him. But Narendrabhai is a master strategist. He promptly — at 5 AM in the morning — wrote an open letter to Anna Hazare.

Antonia Maino no doubt was not amused by Anna’s endorsement of Modi’s work. So she must have asked her minions to get Anna to make amends. Anna backtracked.

“I praised only the development work done by Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar in rural areas. Alongside I clarified that I am equally opposed to any form of communal disharmony.” He said his only goal was “to save this country from corruption”. [Source.]

Good work, Anna. You will go far.

Author: Atanu Dey


9 thoughts on “Anna Hazare Has Painted Himself into a Corner”

  1. Atanu,

    I wonder why literate and vocal men like Arun Jaitley and Jaswant Singh dont speak up openly to bring out the truth or is it that their views are not broadcast by the news anchors (who are too scared of Antonia for same set of reasons). Its unfortunate that last time when Jaswant Singh spoke the truth (Jinnah being more upright than Nehru), his own partymen shut him up. Where the hell is Advani. Atleast he spoke his mind out on many occassions, differences in party apart.

    Having started my career in Ahmedabad and having lived there happily and lavishly for 6 years including the period of 2001 earthquake, I am absolutely certain that Gujarat is the only state in India that is progressive, free and safe. Gujarat is the only state where home grown businesses provides quality employment to vast majority of educated, skilled and semi skilled Indians and creates and shares wealth more liberally than other business houses in India down south or up north where wealth is made by exploitation. I feel disgusted to note that Narendrabhai has to write letters to explain how he feels. He should have spoken his mind out to the media once and for all without mincing words and shut Antonia and company forever. I am eager to hear him speak some day.

    May God keep save Modi’s spine. I wish, as a normal mortal, I could be of some use to Narendrabhai.


  2. “He should have spoken his mind out to the media once and for all..”

    Loknath, we all know what the media think of Narendra Modi and how the media have worked the Modi-hatred cottage industry. So why unnecessarily give them more ammunition?


  3. Modi hatred cottage industry is brilliant. belongs in the same pantheon as “gujarat riot industry”

    Exactly!! And both cottage industries were started by Congress Party or Congress lovers. Or did you just wake up from your long sleep and concluded that Godhra was the first Hindu-Muslim riot that happened in Gujarat, or for that matter, in India?


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