Update on the Previous Post on Financial Support for Scholar

Update Saturday 8 AM:

I have not done the exact calculation, but I suspect that the goal has been reached. Thank you all. Please do not pledge any more. I will do the sums shortly and report back.

Thanks to all who have responded to my previous post seeking financial support for Chandrasekaran. The details of support pledged so far is as follows.

I am recording the initials of the contributor and their location (if known). All donations are in the range $50 – $200. If you have written to me but do not see your initials listed, please do email me once again. I intend to email contributors individually later today.

Here’s the list as of 7:30 AM Friday IST.

Y.S. Sunnyvale
R.J. Mumbai
M.R. Manhattan Austin
R.M. Washington DC
V.N. Chicago
R.B. New Jersey
N.J. SF Bay Area
R.S. Toronto
A.D. Santa Clara

N.P. & 3 of his friends (Singapore)

[I will edit this list once again later today, Friday. Until then, the list is probably out of date.]

Adding up all those, the pledged amount now stands at $1500 and Rs 5K. Once again, if you don’t see your initials listed, please get in touch.

Now for some administrivia:

1. I will write Chandrasekaran a check or do wire transfer from my ICICI account to his bank account on Monday when I get back to Mumbai. I will use the current Rs/US$ exchange rate and wire the entire amount pledged to Chandra. I expect that the pledged amount will be redeemed in a week or two.

2. If you have pledged in US$, you can send me a check (made out to me) or use paypal. I am atanudey@gmail.com in paypal. My mailing address is:

1988 Bellomy Street, Apt #1
Santa Clara, CA 95050.

3. If you have pledged in Rs, please make the check to Atanu Dey and mail it to

Shrikant Patil
6 Pallavi Housing Society
Senapati Bapat Road
Pune 411 016

Shrikant has kindly agreed to deposit the checks into my account.


The web of connections we have built in cyberspace is simply astonishing. The trust and caring that we see in cyberspace is only a faint reflection of what exits in the real world.

In much less than a day, we have collected nearly 3/4ths of our target amount. I am sure that we will be able to successfully close the campaign by today evening.

Thank you all.

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